Cook County Budget 1993-2011 | Last Updated 27 Oct 2014

Every year your Cook County government budgets and spends more than $3 billion. Your County's budget impacts your life every day. All of its funding comes from you - your sales and property taxes, your purchase fees on gas and other goods. All of its spending exists to support you, too. County funding drives the forest preserve district, the jail, public hospitals and clinics, the Cook County courts and dozens of other civic institutions designed to make our region prosperous, efficient and fair. Yet too many residents don't understand what Cook County government is or what it does. They keep asking, "where exactly does our money go?" Commissioner John Fritchey created this budget transparency tool to answer that question, but it's only a first step. We need your help. What questions do you have about County spending? What do you want to know about the County budget that this visualization isn't explaining to you? What do you think of our spending? What can we do to make Cook County government better?

This dataset has the following 45 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Department IDdepartment_idnumber
Short Titleshort_titletext
Link to Websitelink_to_websiteurl
Department Descriptiondepartment_descriptiontext
Control Officercontrol_officertext
Appropriations 1993appropriations_1993number
Appropriations 1994appropriations_1994number
Appropriations 1995appropriations_1995number
Appropriations 1996appropriations_1996number
Appropriations 1997appropriations_1997number
Appropriations 1998appropriations_1998number
Appropriations 1999appropriations_1999number
Appropriations 2000appropriations_2000number
Appropriations 2001appropriations_2001number
Appropriations 2002appropriations_2002number
Appropriations 2003appropriations_2003number
Appropriations 2004appropriations_2004number
Appropriations 2005appropriations_2005number
Appropriations 2006appropriations_2006number
Appropriations 2007appropriations_2007number
Appropriations 2008appropriations_2008number
Appropriations 2009appropriations_2009number
Appropriations 2010appropriations_2010number
Appropriations 2011appropriations_2011number
Expenditures 1993expenditures_1993number
Expenditures 1994expenditures_1994number
Expenditures 1995expenditures_1995number
Expenditures 1996expenditures_1996number
Expenditures 1997expenditures_1997number
Expenditures 1998expenditures_1998number
Expenditures 1999expenditures_1999number
Expenditures 2000expenditures_2000number
Expenditures 2001expenditures_2001number
Expenditures 2002expenditures_2002number
Expenditures 2003expenditures_2003number
Expenditures 2004expenditures_2004number
Expenditures 2005expenditures_2005number
Expenditures 2006expenditures_2006number
Expenditures 2007expenditures_2007number
Expenditures 2008expenditures_2008number
Expenditures 2009expenditures_2009number
Expenditures 2010expenditures_2010number
Expenditures 2011expenditures_2011number