5th Grade Healthy Fitness Zone Body Composition By School

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Collected from San Mateo County fifth graders, body composition standards take into account the natural development of boys (gain muscle) and girls (gain fat). The standards for percent body fat have been equated with Body Mass Index (BMI) values. The HFZ standards for boys and girls help identify students at risk for metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is an indicator of current and future health risk and includes the following factors: high fasting glucose, large waist circumference, high triglycerides, low high density lipoprotein cholesterol, high blood pressure. For each school year, some schools in the County do not report test results resulting in a variety of schools reporting per year.

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This dataset has the following 8 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
School Yearschool_yearcalendar_date
School Nameschool_nametext
School Codeschool_codetext
Total 5th Graderstotal_5th_gradersnumber
5th Graders in Healthy Fitness Zone_5th_graders_in_healthy_fitness_zonenumber
Percent 5th Graders in Healthy Fitness Zonepercent_5th_graders_in_healthy_fitness_zonenumber
Percent 5th Graders in "Needs Improvement" Zonepercent_5th_graders_in_needs_improvement_zonenumber
Percent 5th Graders in "Health Risk" Zonepercent_5th_graders_in_health_risk_zonenumber