Demographics For Unincorporated Areas In San Mateo County | Last Updated 25 Oct 2018

Demographics, including median income, total population, race, ethnicity, and age for unincorporated areas in San Mateo County. This data comes from the 2012 American Community Survey 5 year estimates DP03 and DP05 files. They Sky Londa area is located within two Census Tracts. The data for Sky Londa is the sum of both of those Census Tracts. Users of this data should take this into account when using data for Sky Londa.

Tags: census, unincorporated, demographics

This dataset has the following 31 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Geography typegeography_typetext
Total populationtotal_populationnumber
Median household incomemedian_household_incomenumber
Hispanic or Latino (of any race)hispanic_or_latino_of_any_racenumber
Not Hispanic or Latinonot_hispanic_or_latinonumber
White alonewhite_alonenumber
Black or African American aloneblack_or_african_american_alonenumber
American Indian and Alaska Native aloneamerican_indian_and_alaska_native_alonenumber
Asian aloneasian_alonenumber
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alonenative_hawaiian_and_other_pacific_islander_alonenumber
Some other race alonesome_other_race_alonenumber
Two or more racestwo_or_more_racesnumber
Two races including Some other racetwo_races_including_some_other_racenumber
Two races excluding Some other race, and Three or more racestwo_races_excluding_some_other_race_and_three_or_more_racesnumber
Under 5 yearsunder_5_yearsnumber
5 to 9 years_5_to_9_yearsnumber
10 to 14 years_10_to_14_yearsnumber
15 to 19 years_15_to_19_yearsnumber
20 to 24 years_20_to_24_yearsnumber
25 to 34 years_25_to_34_yearsnumber
35 to 44 years_35_to_44_yearsnumber
45 to 54 years_45_to_54_yearsnumber
55 to 59 years_55_to_59_yearsnumber
60 to 64 years_60_to_64_yearsnumber
65 to 74 years_65_to_74_yearsnumber
75 to 84 years_75_to_84_yearsnumber
85 years and over_85_years_and_overnumber