MSME Finance Gap | Last Updated 17 Oct 2019

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are one of the strongest drivers of economic development, innovation and employment. Access to finance is frequently identified as a critical barrier to growth for MSMEs.Creating opportunities for MSMEs in emerging markets is a key way to advance economic development and reduce poverty. The private and public sector can better address this matter if they have better insights about the magnitude and nature of the finance gap. Hence, sizing MSME finance gap is crucial for the governors, financiers and other private sector players to target high potential growth areas and hence more efficiently support MSME sector development. MSME finance gap is estimated as the difference between current supply and potential demand which can potentially be addressed by financial institutions. The MSME finance gap assumes that the firms in a developing country have the same willingness and ability to borrow as their counterparts in well- developed credit markets and operate in comparable institutional environments — and that financial institutions lend at similar intensities as their benchmarked counterparts. See

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This dataset has the following 66 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Number of Micronumber_of_micronumber
% Micro Female Option 1micro_female_option_1number
% Micro Female Option 2micro_female_option_2number
Number of Micro - Men Option 1number_of_micro_men_option_1number
Number of Micro - Men Option 2number_of_micro_men_option_2number
Number of Micro - Women Option 1number_of_micro_women_option_1number
Number of Micro - Women Option 2number_of_micro_women_option_2number
Micro_Fully Constrained %micro_fully_constrained_1number
Micro_Partly Constrained %micro_partly_constrained_1number
Micro_Unconstrained %micro_unconstrained_1number
Micro_Fully Constrainedmicro_fully_constrained_2number
Micro_Partly Constrainedmicro_partly_constrained_2number
Number of SMEsnumber_of_smesnumber
% Female SME Option 1female_sme_option_1number
% Female SME Option 2female_sme_option_2number
Number of SMEs - Men Option 1number_of_smes_men_option_1number
Number of SMEs - Men Option 2number_of_smes_men_option_2number
Number of SMEs - Women Option 1number_of_smes_women_option_1number
Number of SMEs - Women Option 2number_of_smes_women_option_2number
SME_Fully Constrained %sme_fully_constrained_1number
SME_Partly Constrained %sme_partly_constrained_1number
SME_Unconstrained %sme_unconstrained_1number
SME_Fully Constrainedsme_fully_constrained_2number
SME_Partly Constrainedsme_partly_constrained_2number
Male_Fully Constrained %male_fully_constrained_1number
Male_Partly Constrained %male_partly_constrained_1number
Male_Unconstrained %male_unconstrained_1number
Male_Fully Constrainedmale_fully_constrained_2number
Male_Partly Constrainedmale_partly_constrained_2number
Female_Fully Constrained %female_fully_constrained_1number
Female_Partly Constrained %female_partly_constrained_1number
Female_Unconstrained %female_unconstrained_1number
Female_Fully Constrainedfemale_fully_constrained_2number
Female_Partly Constrainedfemale_partly_constrained_2number
Number of MSMEsnumber_of_msmesnumber
Source - Number of SMEssource_number_of_smestext
Source - Number of Micro Enterprisessource_number_of_micro_enterprisestext
Current Volumecurrent_volumenumber
Micro: Current Volumemicro_current_volumenumber
SME: Current Volumesme_current_volumenumber
Source - Current Supplysource_current_supplytext
Potential Demandpotential_demandnumber
Micro: Potential Demandmicro_potential_demandnumber
SME: Potential Demandsme_potential_demandnumber
Finance gapfinance_gapnumber
Micro: Finance Gapmicro_finance_gapnumber
SME: Finance Gapsme_finance_gapnumber
GDP [2015]gdp_2015number
Current Volume / GDPcurrent_volume_gdpnumber
Potential Demand / GDPpotential_demand_gdpnumber
Finance Gap / GDPfinance_gap_gdpnumber
Finance gap / Current Volumefinance_gap_current_volumenumber
Micro Women Gapmicro_women_gapnumber
Micro Men Gapmicro_men_gapnumber
SME Women Gapsme_women_gapnumber
SME Men Gapsme_men_gapnumber
Informal Potential Demandinformal_potential_demandnumber
Informal as % of Formalinformal_as_of_formalnumber