Prevention Agenda 2013-2018 Tracking Indicators: County Trend Data | Last Updated 1 May 2019

There are two datasets related to the County Level Prevention Agenda Tracking Indicators posted on this site. Each dataset consists of county level data for 68 health tracking indicators and sub-indicators for the Prevention Agenda 2013-2018: New York State’s Health Improvement Plan.

Tags: prevention agenda, tracking indicator

This dataset has the following 22 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
County Namecounty_nametextFull county name
Priority Area Numberpriority_area_numbernumberPrevention Agenda priority area ID number
Priority Areapriority_areatextFull title for the specific Prevention Agenda priority area
Focus Area Numberfocus_area_numbernumberPrevention Agenda focus area ID number (focus area within priority area)
Focus Areafocus_areatextFull title for the specific focus area
Indicator Numberindicator_numbertextUnique indicator identifier
IndicatorindicatortextFull text description of the health tracking indicator
DisparitydisparitytextIndicate disparity indicator or not
Event Count/Rateevent_count_ratenumberEvent counts for rate computations (numerators) or the high-risk group rate for ratio computations
Average Number of Denominator/Rateaverage_number_of_denominator_ratenumberDenominator for rate computations or the reference group rate for ratio computations
Measure Unitmeasure_unittextResult type, rate or percentage
Percentage/Rate/Ratiopercentage_rate_rationumberNumerical indicator value estimate
Lower Limit of 95% CIlower_limit_of_95_cinumberLower limit of 95% Confidence Intervals for percentage estimates from survey data
Upper Limit of 95% CIupper_limit_of_95_cinumberUpper limit of 95% Confidence Intervals for percentage estimates from survey data
Data Commentsdata_commentstextIndicate when the county data is unstable or suppressed due to small number of events
QuartilequartiletextQuartile(s) that indicator estimate falls within
2018 Objective_2018_objectivenumberTarget value for the health tracking indicator, as specified by the Prevention Agenda
Objective Regionobjective_regiontextRegion of NYS that the objective pertains to
Data Yearsdata_yearstextTime period for raw data used in indicator computation
Date Sourcedate_sourcetextData sources for the raw data used in indicator computation
Mapping Distributionmapping_distributionnumberGrouping of county rates for color shades in the map (value of "1" indicates the best group and "3" indicates the worst group)
LocationlocationlocationLat/Long decimal degree coordinates for the region covered by the indicator, for use in mapping