Vital Statistics Live Births by Primary Financial Coverage and Resident County: Beginning 2008 | Last Updated 7 Mar 2024

This dataset contains the number of New York State live births stratified by primary financial coverage and county of residence. The data presented here may not be the same as the Vital Statistics table on the DOH public web due to data updates. For more information, go to: The "About" tab contains additional details concerning this dataset.

Tags: live births, vital statistics, financial coverage, births-deaths-other facts

This dataset has the following 5 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
YearyearnumberYear of birth.
TabletablenumberCorresponding table from the Vital Statistics Annual Report that has the data in tabular form.
CountycountytextMother’s Residence. Geographical area of the state, either a county, the entire state, New York City, or Rest of State
Financial Coveragecategory_1_desctextCategory of Financial Coverage. Categories include Medicaid/Family Health Plus, Private Insurance, Self-Pay, Indian Health, CHAMPUS, Other Government, Other Insurance, Not Stated and Total.
Number of Live BirthsvaluenumberNumber of Live Births