Medicaid Inpatient Prevention Quality Indicators (PDI) for Pediatric Hospital Discharges by Patient Zip Code: Beginning 2011 | Last Updated 8 Feb 2017

The datasets contain number of Medicaid PDI hospitalizations (numerator), county or zip Medicaid population (denominator), observed rate, expected number of hospitalizations and rate, and risk-adjusted rate for Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Pediatric Quality Indicators – Pediatric (AHRQ PDI) for Medicaid enrollees beginning in 2011.

Tags: quality-safety-costs, strategic initiatives, medicaid, pdi, prevention quality indicator, efficiency, dsrip, inpatient

This dataset has the following 11 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Discharge Yeardischarge_yearnumberThe year of both the hospital PDI discharge and the zip code population used in calculation of rates.
Zip Code- 3 digitszip_codetextThe patient’s zip code at time of discharge. Hospital discharges that did not have an accurate New York State zip code were excluded.
PDI Numberpdi_numbertextThe value code assigned to the PDI measure. Values: PDI_14, PDI_15, PDI_16, PDI_18, PDI_90, PDI_91, PDI_92
PDI Namepdi_nametextThe descriptive name of the PDI measure. Values: • Asthma • Diabetes Short-term Complications • Gastroenteritis • Urinary Tract Infection • Pediatric Quality Overall Composite • Pediatric Quality Acute Composite • Pediatric Quality Chronic Composite
Medicaid PDI Hospitalizationsmedicaid_pdi_hospitalizationsnumberTotal number of Medicaid enrollee admissions in a zip code population that meet the criteria for a specific PDI.
Zip Code Medicaid Populationzip_code_medicaid_populationnumberTotal number of Medicaid enrollees in a zip code population.
Observed Rate per 100,000 peopleobserved_rate_per_100_000_peoplenumberThe number of PDI hospitalizations divided by the zip code Medicaid population, multiplied by 100,000
Expected PQI Hospitalizationsexpected_pqi_hospitalizationsnumberTotal number of expected admissions based on the characteristics of the county that would meet the criteria for a specific PDI.
Expected Rate per 100,000 peopleexpected_rate_per_100_000_peoplenumberThe number of expected PDI discharges in the zip code, adjusted by age, gender and race/ethnicity divided by the zip code Medicaid population, multiplied by 100,000
Risk Adjusted Rate per 100,000 peoplerisk_adjusted_rate_per_100_000_peoplenumberThe observed PDI rate divided by the expected PDI rate, multiplied by the statewide PDI rate.
Difference in Hospitalizationsdifference_in_hospitalizationsnumberThe difference between the observed number of PDI hospitalizations and the expected number of PDI hospitalizations