Hospital Inpatient Prevention Quality Indicators (PQI) for Adult Discharges by County (SPARCS): Beginning 2009 | Last Updated 26 Jan 2023

This is one of two datasets that contain observed and expected rates for Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Prevention Quality Indicators – Adult (AHRQ PQI) beginning in 2009. This dataset is at the county level. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Prevention Quality Indicators (PQIs) are a set of population based measures that can be used with hospital inpatient discharge data to identify ambulatory care sensitive conditions. These are conditions where 1) the need for hospitalization is potentially preventable with appropriate outpatient care, or 2) conditions that could be less severe if treated early and appropriately. All PQIs apply only to adult populations (over the age of 18 years). The rates were calculated using Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative System (SPARCS) inpatient data and Claritas population information. The observed rates and expected rates for each AHRQ PQI is presented by either resident county (including a statewide total) or resident zip code (including a statewide total).

Tags: quality-safety-costs, strategic initiatives, sparcs, pqi, prevention quality indicator, efficiency, all payer, county, dsrip

This dataset has the following 7 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
YearyearnumberThe year of both the hospital PQI discharge and the county population used in calculation of rates.
Software Versionsoftware_versiontextAHRQ software version used to produce quality indicators for this year.
Patient Countypatient_countytextThe patient’s county of residence at time of discharge. Due to small population size, Hamilton and Schuyler counties are combined. Hospital discharges that did not have an accurate New York State county were excluded from the county analysis dataset.
PQI Numberpqi_numbertextThe value code assigned to the PQI measure.
PQI Namepqi_nametextThe descriptive name of the PQI measure.
Observed Rate Per 100,000 Peopleobserved_rate_per_100_000_peoplenumberThe number of PQI discharges in the county divided by the county population, multiplied by 100,000.
Expected Rate Per 100,000 Peopleexpected_rate_per_100_000_peoplenumberThe expected number of PQI discharges in the county, adjusted by age, gender and race/ethnicity divided by the county population, multiplied by 100,000.