Child Health Plus Program Enrollment: Beginning 2009 | Last Updated 19 Jul 2019

This dataset contains the aggregate number of Child Health Plus Beneficiaries by eligibility year and month within each economic region, health plan, gender, age group, and race/ethnicity. Child Health Plus is a government insurance program for eligible children through the month in which they turn nineteen, whose income and resources fall within program guidelines.

Tags: child health plus, enrollment, chp. chip, community health and chronic disease

This dataset has the following 8 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Eligibility Yeareligibility_yearnumberYear, derived from the enrollee’s date of CHPlus eligibility 
Eligibility Montheligibility_monthnumberMonth, derived from the enrollee’s date of CHPlus eligibility 
Economic Regioneconomic_regiontextNYS Economic Region, based on the enrollee’s county of residence 
Plan Nameplan_nametextCHPlus Health Plan Name
GendergendertextEnrollee’s gender
Age Groupage_grouptextEnrollee’s age group: 0‐5, 6‐12, 13‐19 (through month child turns 19) 
RaceracetextEnrollee’s race
Number of Enrolleesnumber_of_enrolleesnumber