Vital Statistics Suicide Deaths by Age-Group, Race/Ethnicity, Resident Region, and Gender: Beginning 2003 | Last Updated 1 Sep 2023

This dataset contains suicide death counts by region, race or ethnicity, sex, and age group. For more information, check out:

Tags: vital statistics, death, population, cause of death, suicide, births-deaths-other facts

This dataset has the following 8 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
YearyeartextThe calendar year in which the deaths took place.
RegionregiontextROS or NYC
Race or Ethnicityrace_or_ethnicitytextRace or Ethnicity
SexsextextM or F
Age Groupage_grouptextAge Group
Firearm Deathsfirearm_deathsnumberFirearm Deaths
Alcohol-Related Deathsalcohol_related_deathsnumberAlcohol-Related Deaths
Suicide Deathssuicide_deathsnumberThe number of deaths to New York State residents caused by self-directed injurious behavior with an intent to die as a result of the behavior.