Temporary Residences: Last Inspection

health.data.ny.gov | Last Updated 27 Mar 2019

This dataset includes the name and location of active Temporary Residences operating in New York State. Active Temporary Residences include only facilities that were categorized as active (i.e., hotel, motel, or cabin colony occupied by or maintained for the occupancy by 11 people or more) on the date the data was downloaded from a Department of Health database. This data also includes the date of the last inspection and violations of Subpart 7-1 of the New York State Code of Rules and Regulations that were identified during that inspection. Additionally, the data includes the Temporary Residence owner-operator, building type, number of sleeping rooms within the facility, and whether a pool, beach, or food service establishment is operated as part of the facility. The location of the Temporary Residence includes its street address, city, state, zip code, municipality, and county.

Tags: environmental health, facility name, city, municipality, temporary residences, county, inspection, violation, oph, public health, consumer resources

This dataset has the following 25 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
LOCAL HEALTH DEPARTMENTlocal_health_departmenttext
LAST INSPECTEDlast_inspectedcalendar_date
INSPECTION TYPEinspection_typetext
NUMBER CRITICAL VIOLATIONSnumber_critical_violationsnumber
NUMBER CRITICAL NOT CORRECTEDnumber_critical_not_correctednumber
NUMBER NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONSnumber_non_critical_violationsnumber
INSPECTION COMMENTSinspection_commentstext
FACILITY ADDRESSfacility_addresstext
ZIP CODEzip_codetext
NYS HEALTH GAZETTEERnys_health_gazetteer_1980numberMunicipality code for facility location is derived from the 1980 NYSDOH Gazetteer version. The municipality code identifies the county and the town, village, or city in which the facility is located
NYS HEALTH OPERATION IDnys_health_operation_idnumber
NUMBER OF SLEEPING ROOMSnumber_of_sleeping_roomsnumber
BUILDING TYPEbuilding_typetext
PERMITTED CORP NAMEpermitted_corp_nametext
PERMITTED OPERATOR NAMEpermitted_owner_operator_nametext
ON-SITE POOL(S)on_site_pool_stext
ON-SITE BEACH(ES)on_site_beach_estext
FOOD SERVICE ESTABLISHMENT(S)food_service_establishment_stext
Locationsocrata_locationlocationLatitude and longitude of where the facility is located.