Lead Testing in School Drinking Water Sampling and Results: Most Recently Reported Beginning 2016

health.data.ny.gov | Last Updated 25 Jun 2019

This dataset shows the school water lead sampling and results information reported by each NYS public school and BOCES. It details the summary information on the samples taken, and the results returned from laboratory analyses. This will be updated on a continuing basis by each school. In accordance with legislation, the school districts have to sample their water for possible lead contamination and report the results to parents, the state Department of Health, and local government officials. The Lead Testing in School Drinking Water regulations may be found at this site: https://www.governor.ny.gov/sites/governor.ny.gov/files/atoms/files/LeadTestingRegs.pdf. To view the corresponding data set which lists all school buildings with lead free plumbing, click here https://health.data.ny.gov/Health/Lead-Testing-in-School-Drinking-Water-Buildings-wi/5hbp-c6bb. The data is self-reported by the schools in response to a Department of Health electronic survey, and transferred to Health Data NY as is without edits or redaction. Schools will update their information on an ongoing basis as their water sampling progresses and the laboratory analysis results are reported back to them. This dataset displays the most recently reported data by schools as and when the data is available. More information is available at the Department of Health website at http://www.health.ny.gov/environmental/water/drinking/lead/lead_testing_of_school_drinking_water.htm

Tags: environmental health, school, lead, drinking water

This dataset has the following 27 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescription
School Districtschool_districttextSchool District Name
SchoolschooltextSchool Name
CountycountytextSchool District County
Type of Organizationtype_of_organizationtextPublic School or BOCES
Number of Outletsnumber_of_outletsnumberThe total number of outlets required to be sampled
Any Buildings with Lead-Free Plumbing?any_lead_free_buildingstext“No” or “This school has one or more buildings with lead-free plumbing”
Previously Sampled Outletsoutlets_sampled_beforenumberOutlets sampled before 9/06/2016, consistent with regulations
Outlets Waiver Requestedoutlets_waiver_requestednumberOutlets sampled before 9/06/2016, substantially in compliance, waiver requested
Waivers Grantedwaivers_grantednumberNumber of outlets, waivers granted
Outlets Sampled After Regulationoutlets_sampled_afternumberOutlets sampled since the regulation went into effect
Sampling Completesampling_completetextAll samples for this school are complete
Sampling Completion Datesampling_completion_datecalendar_dateDate all sampling was complete
Number of Outlets, Result ≤ 15 ppbnumber_of_outlets_result_lessnumberLead analysis result less than or equal to 15 ppb (or 15 µg/L, or 0.015 mg/L)
Number of Outlets, Result > 15 ppbnumber_of_outlets_result_greaternumberLead analysis result greater than 15 ppb (or 15 µg/L, or 0.015 mg/L)
Out of Serviceout_of_servicetextYes, if all outlets with results greater than 15 have been taken out of service
All Results Receivedresults_completetextAnalysis results for all samples collected have been received
Date All Results Receivedresults_completion_datecalendar_dateDate all results were received
School Websiteschool_websitetextThe website where the school water analysis results will be posted
BEDS Codebeds_codetextBasic Education Data System (BEDS) – NYSED Id for NY schools
School Streetschool_street_addresstextSchool Office Street
School Cityschool_citytextSchool Office City
School Stateschool_statetextSchool Office State
School Zip Codeschool_zip_codetextSchool Office Zip Code
Date Sampling Updateddate_sampling_updatedcalendar_dateDate of Latest Sampling Survey Submission
Date Results Updateddate_results_updatedcalendar_dateDate of Latest Results Survey Submission
County Locationcounty_locationlocationCounty centroid location.
LocationlocationlocationLatitude And Longitude