Genealogical Research Death Index: Beginning 1957 | Last Updated 10 Apr 2019

The Genealogical Research Death Index assists individuals with locating New York State (NYS) death records that fall within defined genealogy years, exclusive of New York City recorded death records. This Index contains information on decedents, date of death, gender, age at death, and NYS file number that will allow the public to search for individuals on a variety of genealogy criteria if on file for at least 50 years.

Tags: decedents, genealogy, consumer resources, births-deaths-other facts

This dataset has the following 10 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Year of Deathdata_yearnumber
State File Numberstfilenonumber
Decedent First Namedecedent_fntext
Decedent Middle Namedecedent_mntext
Decedent Last Namedecedent_lntext
Decedent Agedecedent_agenumber
Decedent Age Unitage_unitstext“YRS” for Years, “DAY” for Days, “Mon” for Months, “HRS” for Hours, “MIN” for Minutes, “UNK” for Unknown.
Decedent Gendergendertext“M” for Male, “F” for Female, “U“ for Undetermined, “ “ for Missing.
Date of Deathdateof_deathcalendar_date
Residence Coderesidence_codenumberTo interpret the residence code go to the NYS Gazetteer dataset using this URL: This is an easy to use, interactive search tool.