All Payer In-Hospital/30-Day Acute Stroke Mortality Rates by Hospital (SPARCS): Beginning 2013 (Chart) | Last Updated 24 Aug 2016

The dataset contains hospital stroke designation and Coverdell registry participation status, acute stroke discharges counts (numerators, denominators), observed, expected and risk-adjusted acute stroke in-hospital/30-day post admission mortality rates with corresponding 95% confidence intervals. Mortality rates risk adjustment was based on the methodology developed by the New York State Department of Health. The purpose of this data set is reporting of hospital-specific risk adjusted acute stroke mortality rates (RAMR) to inform hospitals, to aid initiatives to improve hospital quality performance and measurement, and to identify performance outliers for public reporting. The "About" tab contains additional details concerning this dataset.

Tags: sparcs, stroke, mortality, all payer, inpatient

This dataset has the following 14 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
YearyearnumberThe year of the hospital data used for the rate calculation.
Facility IdpfinumberPermanent Facility Identifier.
Hospital Namehospital_nametextThe name of the facility where services were performed based on the Permanent Facility Identifier (PFI), as maintained by the NYSDOH Division of Health Facility Planning.
Hospital Countyhospital_countytextA description of the county in which the hospital is located.
Stroke Designated Centerstroke_designated_centertextHospital is a stroke designation center as of end of the evaluation time period.
Coverdell Hospitalcoverdell_hospitaltextHospital participates in Paul Coverdell National Acute Stroke Registry (NASR) as of the end of the evaluation time period.
Stroke Casesstroke_casesnumberHospital discharges with primary diagnosis of stroke (refer to Methods for definition). Hospitals that had no cases or less than 30 stroke discharges have been removed from the data file.
DieddiednumberNumber of discharges with in-hospital or 30-days post admission death. For more details refer to Methods.
Observed Rateobserved_ratenumberThe Observed Mortality Rate, per 100 discharges: (Died / Stroke Cases) * 100
Expected Rateexpected_ratenumberThe Expected Mortality Rate, per 100 discharges: (Expected Number of Deaths / Stroke Cases) * 100. Refer to Methods for definitions and risk adjustment model specifications.
Risk Adjusted Raterisk_adjusted_ratenumberThe Risk Adjusted Rate (RAR), per 100 discharges: (Observed Rate / Expected Rate) * Statewide Rate
Lower 95CI RARlower_95ci_rarnumberLower 95% confidence interval around Risk Adjusted Rate
Upper 95CI RARupper_95ci_rarnumberUpper 95% confidence interval around Risk Adjusted Rate
Compare to Statecompare_to_statetextStatistical significance of comparison: RAR to Statewide Rate. Values: Above, Below, NS (Not significantly different)