Late-Stage Female Breast Cancer Incidence Rate (cases per 100,000 females), New Jersey, by year: Beginning 2010 | Last Updated 10 May 2019

Rate: Number of new cases of breast cancer (per 100,000) diagnosed at the regional or distant stage among females. Definition: Age-adjusted incidence rate of invasive breast cancer per 100,000 female population. Data Sources: (1) NJ State Cancer Registry, Dec 31, 2015 Analytic File, using NCI SEER*Stat ver 8.2.1 ( (2) NJ population estimates as calculated by the NCI's SEER Program, released January 2015,

Tags: epidemiology, cancer, diagnosis, diagnose, case, rate, malignant neoplasm, incidence, female, late-stage, regional, distant, invasive, breast

This dataset has the following 3 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Rate (per 100,000 females)rate_per_100_000_femalesnumber