Breast Cancer Death Rate (per 100,000 females), New Jersey, by year: Beginning 2010 | Last Updated 8 Dec 2020

Rate: Number of deaths among females due to breast cancer per 100,000 female population. Definition: Number of deaths per 100,000 with malignant neoplasm (cancer) of the female breast as the underlying cause (ICD-10 codes: C33-C34). Data Sources: (1) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics. Compressed Mortality File. CDC WONDER On-line Database accessed at (2) Death Certificate Database, Office of Vital Statistics and Registry, New Jersey Department of Health (3) Population Estimates, State Data Center, New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development

Tags: cancer, breast, female, mammary, mortality, rate, death, malignant neoplasm

This dataset has the following 3 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Rate (per 100,000 females)rate_per_100_000_femalesnumber