Teen Births By ZIP Code 2013

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This dataset includes annual counts and rates of live births to girls ages 10-19 who are residents of St. Louis County. Data is collected, maintained and published by the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services (HSS). Information on each birth and the mothers is gathered from birth certificates. HSS only reports the number of live births along with other health, social and demographic variables through the Missouri Information for Community Assessment (MICA) system. Rates of live births is calculated using both MICA and U.S. Census population estimates. The population estimates are organized by ZIP Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTA). In very rare instances do the ZCTAs not consistently overlap with the postal ZIP Code areas. Live Births Per 1,000 Teen Girls for a specified time period is calculated as: (# Live Births to Girls Ages 10-19/Total Population of Girls Ages 10-19) x 1,000.

Tags: youth, births, teen births

This dataset has the following 12 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Female; Estimate; Total populationfemale_estimate_total_populationnumber
Female; Estimate; AGE - 10 to 14 yearsfemale_estimate_age_10_to_14_yearsnumber
Female; Estimate; AGE - 15 to 19 yearsfemale_estimate_age_15_to_19_yearsnumber
Total Female Pop 10-19total_female_pop_10_19number
10-14 Births_10_14_birthsnumber
15-17 Births_15_17_birthsnumber
18-19 Births_18_19_birthsnumber
Total 10-19 Birthstotal_10_19_birthsnumber
Births Per 1,000 Girls Ages 10-19births_per_1_000_girls_ages_10_19number