ARCHIVED - Leading Causes of Death in San Diego County | Last Updated 25 Apr 2023

For current version see: Leading Causes of Death in San Diego County, by Gender, Race/Ethnicity, HHSA Region and Supervisorial District. Gender and race/ethnicity are at the county geographic level. Notes: 1. Rank is based on total number of deaths in each of the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) "rankable" categories. The top 15 leading causes of death presented here are based on the San Diego County residents for each year. 2. Cause of death is based on the underlying cause of death reported on death certificates as classified by ICD-10 codes. 3. Deaths for specific demographics or geographic area may not equal the total deaths for San Diego County due to missing data. § Not shown for fewer than 5 deaths. Source: California Department of Public Health, Center for Health Statistics, Office of Health Information and Research, Vital Records Business Intelligence System. Prepared by County of San Diego, Health & Human Services Agency, Public Health Services, Community Health Statistics Unit, 2018.

Tags: health, mortality, leading causes of death, death, lcod, race/ethnicity, gender, hhsa region, deaths

This dataset has the following 59 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
San Diego County Underlying Cause of Deathsan_diego_county_underlyingtext
San Diego County Deathssan_diego_county_deathsnumber
San Diego County Percent Deathssan_diego_county_percentnumber
Central Region Underlying Cause of Deathcentral_region_underlyingtext
Central Region Deathscentral_region_deathsnumber
Central Region Percent Deathscentral_region_percent_deathsnumber
East Region Underlying Cause of Deatheast_region_underlying_causetext
East Region Deathseast_region_deathsnumber
East Region Percent Deathseast_region_percent_deathsnumber
North Central Region Underlying Cause of Deathnorth_central_regiontext
North Central Region Deathsnorth_central_region_deathsnumber
North Central Region Percent Deathsnorth_central_region_percentnumber
North Coastal Region Underlying Cause of Deathnorth_coastal_regiontext
North Coastal Region Deathsnorth_coastal_region_deathsnumber
North Coastal Region Percent Deathsnorth_coastal_region_percentnumber
North Inland Region Underlying Cause of Deathnorth_inland_region_underlyingtext
North Inland Region Deathsnorth_inland_region_deathsnumber
North Inland Region Percent Deathsnorth_inland_region_percentnumber
South Region Underlying Cause of Deathsouth_region_underlying_causetext
South Region Deathssouth_region_deathsnumber
South Region Percent Deathssouth_region_percent_deathsnumber
District 1 Underlying Cause of Deathdistrict_1_underlying_causetext
District 1 Deathsdistrict_1_deathsnumber
District 1 Percent Deathsdistrict_1_percent_deathsnumber
District 2 Underlying Cause of Deathdistrict_2_underlying_causetext
District 2 Deathsdistrict_2_deathsnumber
District 2 Percent Deathsdistrict_2_percent_deathsnumber
District 3 Underlying Cause of Deathdistrict_3_underlying_causetext
District 3 Deathsdistrict_3_deathsnumber
District 3 Percent Deathsdistrict_3_percent_deathsnumber
District 4 Underlying Cause of Deathdistrict_4_underlying_causetext
District 4 Deathsdistrict_4_deathsnumber
District 4 Percent Deathsdistrict_4_percent_deathsnumber
District 5 Underlying Cause of Deathdistrict_5_underlying_causetext
District 5 Deathsdistrict_5_deathsnumber
District 5 Percent Deathsdistrict_5_percent_deathsnumber
Male_Underlying Cause of Deathmale_underlying_cause_oftext
Male Deathsmale_deathsnumber
Male Percent Deathsmale_percent_deathsnumber
Female_Underlying Cause of Deathfemale_underlying_cause_oftext
Female Deathsfemale_deathsnumber
Female Percent Deathsfemale_percent_deathsnumber
White_Underlying Cause of Deathwhite_underlying_cause_oftext
White Deathswhite_deathsnumber
White Percent Deathswhite_percent_deathsnumber
Hispanic_Underlying Cause of Deathhispanic_underlying_causetext
Hispanic Deathshispanic_deathsnumber
Hispanic Percent Deathshispanic_percent_deathsnumber
Black_Underlying Cause of Deathblack_underlying_cause_oftext
Black Deathsblack_deathsnumber
Black Percent Deathsblack_percent_deathsnumber
Asian/PI_Underlying Cause of Deathasian_pi_underlying_causetext
Asian/PI Deathsasian_pi_deathsnumber
Asian/PI Percent Deathsasian_pi_percent_deathsnumber
AIAN_Underlying Cause of Deathaian_underlying_cause_oftext
AIAN Deathsaian_deathstext
AIAN Percent Deathsaian_percent_deathstext