Long Term Vacancy Estimate

internal.chattadata.org | Last Updated 9 Sep 2019

Long term vacancy estimate for census tracts in Hamilton County

Tags: acs, vacancy

This dataset has the following 21 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
tract IDtract_idtext
Estimate; Total:estimate_totalnumber
Margin of Error; Total:margin_of_error_totalnumber
Estimate; Total: - For rentestimate_total_for_rentnumber
Margin of Error; Total: - For rentmargin_of_error_total_fornumber
Estimate; Total: - Rented, not occupiedestimate_total_rented_notnumber
Margin of Error; Total: - Rented, not occupiedmargin_of_error_total_rentednumber
Estimate; Total: - For sale onlyestimate_total_for_sale_onlynumber
Margin of Error; Total: - For sale onlymargin_of_error_total_for_1number
Estimate; Total: - Sold, not occupiedestimate_total_sold_notnumber
Margin of Error; Total: - Sold, not occupiedmargin_of_error_total_soldnumber
Estimate; Total: - For seasonal, recreational, or occasional useestimate_total_for_seasonalnumber
Margin of Error; Total: - For seasonal, recreational, or occasional usemargin_of_error_total_for_2number
Estimate; Total: - For migrant workersestimate_total_for_migrantnumber
Margin of Error; Total: - For migrant workersmargin_of_error_total_for_3number
Estimate; Total: - Other vacantestimate_total_other_vacantnumber
Margin of Error; Total: - Other vacantmargin_of_error_total_othernumber