Iowa Certified Organic Farms and Businesses | Last Updated 19 Jul 2019

This dataset contains information on certified organic farms and businesses physically located in Iowa. These farms and businesses have successfully passed an inspection from a USDA National Organic Program Accredited Inspection Agency. For more information please visit the USDA National Organic Program website:

Tags: organic farms, businesses, usda national organic program

This dataset has the following 25 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Operation IDoperation_idtextNational Organic Program's 10-digit unique ID for operation.
Operation Nameoperation_nametextOperation's business name
Other/Former Namesother_former_namestextOther names that the operation is doing or has done business as.
Certifier Namecertifier_nametextName of the agent who certified the operation. More information about Accredited Certifying Agents can be found at
Operation Certification Statusoperation_certification_statustextIndicates whether the operation's certification status is certified, surrendered, suspended, or revoked
Operation Certification Status Effective Dateoperation_status_effective_datecalendar_dateDate the selected Operation Certification Status became effective.
CROPS Statuscrops_certification_statustextCROPS scope relates to plants that are grown to be harvested as food, livestock feed, fiber, or used to add nutrients to the field. The status indicates whether the operation's certification for CROPS is certified, surrendered, or suspended.
CROPS Effective Datecrops_effective_datecalendar_dateEffective date for the CROPS Certification Status
CROPS Certified Productscrops_certified_productstextProducts that are included under the CROPS scope.
LIVESTOCK Statuslivestock_certification_statustextLIVESTOCK scope relates to animals that can be used for food or in the production of food, fiber, or feed. The status indicates whether the operation's certification for LIVESTOCK is certified, surrendered, or suspended.
LIVESTOCK Effective Datelivestock_effective_datecalendar_dateEffective date for the LIVESTOCK Status
LIVESTOCK Certified Productslivestock_certified_productstextProducts that are included under the Livestock scope.
WILD CROPS Statuswild_crops_certification_statustextThe WILD CROPS scope relates to plants from a growing site that is not cultivated. The status indicates whether the operation's certification for WILD CROPS is certified, surrendered, or suspended.
WILD CROPS Effective Datewild_crops_effective_datecalendar_dateEffective date for the WILD CROPS Status
WILD CROPS Certified Productswild_crops_certified_productstextProducts that are included under the Wild Crops scope.
HANDLING Statushandling_certification_statustextHANDLING scope relates to Items that have been handled and packaged (i.e. chopped carrots) or combined, processed, and packaged (i.e. soup). The status indicates whether the operation's certification for HANDLING is certified, surrendered, or suspended.
HANDLING Effective Datehandling_effective_datecalendar_dateEffective date for the HANDLING status
HANDLING Certified Productshandling_certified_productstextProducts that are included under the Handling scope.
Physical Address Street 1physical_address_street_1text
Physical Address Street 2physical_address_street_2text
Physical Address Cityphysical_address_citytext
Physical Address Statephysical_address_statetext
Physical Address ZIP Codephysical_address_zip_codetext
Physical Locationphysical_locationpointLatitude and Longitude of the operations based on the geocoded result from the operation's physical address. Geocoding accuracy depends on how well the addresses in the data are formatted, how complete the addresses are, and the completeness of reference data. Some operations may not be geocoded.
Record Updatedrecord_updatedcalendar_dateDate of last update related to the record.