County Actual Expenditures by Service Area by Fiscal Year | Last Updated 14 Oct 2020

This dataset provides actual county expenditure data for every county in the State of Iowa beginning in Fiscal Year 2010 (year ending June 30, 2010).

Tags: actual, expenditures

This dataset has the following 18 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
FISCAL YEARfiscal_yeartextFiscal year during which expenditures shown occurred. Fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30.
COUNTY NUMBERcounty_numbertextIowa county code (1-99) associated with the county the expenditures shown are related to.
COUNTYcountytextName of county the expenditures are related to.
PUBLIC SAFETY AND LEGAL SERVICESpublic_safety_and_legalnumberExpenditures for law enforcement, legal services, emergency services, assistance to District Court System, court proceedings, and juvenile justice administration.
PHYSICAL HEALTH SOCIAL SERVICESphysical_health_socialnumberExpenditures for physical health services, services to the poor, services to military veterans, children's and family services, services to other adults, and the chemical dependency program.
MENTAL HEALTH, ID & DDmental_health_id_ddnumberExpenditures for services to persons with mental illness, persons with chronic mental illness, persons with intellectual disability, and persons with other developmental disabilities.
COUNTY ENVIRONMENT AND EDUCATIONcounty_environment_andnumberExpenditures for environmental quality, conservation and recreational services, animal control, educational services and county development.
ROADS & TRANSPORTATIONroads_transportationnumberExpenditures for secondary roads administration and engineering, roadway maintenance, general roadway expenditures, and mass transit.
GOVERNMENT SERVICES TO RESIDENTSgovernment_services_tonumberExpenditures for representation services (e.g. election administration, local elections) and state administration services (e.g. motor vehicle registrations, driver license services, recording of public documents)
ADMINISTRATIONadministrationnumberExpenditures for policy & administration, central services and risk management services.
NONPROGRAM CURRENTnonprogram_currentnumberExpenditures related to refund of amounts recorded as revenues in prior years, pass-through grants, and budgeted expenditures related to county farm.
DEBT SERVICEdebt_servicenumberExpenditures related to general obligation bonds or other long-term debt
CAPITAL PROJECTScapital_projectsnumberExpenditures related to roadway construction, county conservation land acquisition, and other capital improvement projects.
SUBTOTAL EXPENDITURESsubtotal_expendituresnumberSum of operating expenditures
OPERATING TRANSFERS OUToperating_transfers_outnumberExpenditures associated with loans from budgeted funds to other than budgeted not repaid before the end of the fiscal year.
REFUNDED DEBT/PAYMENTS TO ESCROWrefunded_debt_payments_tonumberAccounts for principal payments to refund debt and payments to escrow agents for defeased debt.
TOTAL EXPENDITURES & OTHER USEStotal_expenditures_othernumberSum of Subtotal Expenditures, Operating Transfers Out and Refunded Debt/Escrow.
Primary County Coordinatesgeocoded_columnpointPrimary latitude and longitude in decimal degrees for the county as provided by U.S. Geological Survey, 19810501, U.S. Geographic Names Information Systems (GNIS): U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, VA.