Insurance Companies Licensed in Iowa | Last Updated 7 Jun 2024

The Iowa Insurance Division regulates and supervises the business of insurance in Iowa. This dataset provides a list of insurance companies licensed to do business in Iowa.

Tags: life, health, property, casualty, insurance, insurer, company

This dataset has the following 24 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Company Namecompany_nametextName of insurance company.
Company Typecompany_typetextType of insurance company: Life, Health, Property Casualty, County Mutual, State Mutual, Benevolent, Fraternal, or MEWA (Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements).
NAIC Numbernaic_numbertextUnique number assigned by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).
Iowa License Numberiowa_license_numbertextUnique number assigned by the Iowa Insurance Division. Known internally as "active_code."
Iowa Domicilediowa_domiciledcheckboxIowa Domiciled, whether the company is organized under Iowa law, is indicated by a check mark. Check mark = true. Null value = false.
Company Address 1address1text
Company Address 2address2text
Company Citycompany_citytext
Company Statecompany_statetext
Company Zipcompany_ziptext
Alternate Address 1alternate_address1text
Alternate Address 2alternate_address2text
Alternate Cityalternate_citytext
Alternate Statealternate_statetext
Alternate Zipalternate_ziptext
Alternate Phonealternate_telephonetext
Business License Typebusiness_license_typetextA more detailed classification for the type of insurance company.
Ownership Typeownership_typetextIndicates whether company is owned by stockholders (stock) or policyholders (mutual).
Formerly Doing Business AsfdbatextPresents former names the company operated as. Their name has changed due to re-branding, acquisitions or mergers.
Primary LocationlocationpointLocation based on company address.
Alternate Locationalternate_locationpointLocation based on alternate address.
Short-Term Limited-Duration Health InsurancestldtextThe federal government recently extended the permissible period of time for which short-term limited-duration health insurance policies can be issued. There are different requirements for the plans depending on the length. If a company offers you a plan for a period of 90 days or greater, there are a number of benefits that must be provided as part of the policy. It is important to note that the plans that are shorter than 90 days may not provide comprehensive benefits and are unlikely to provide coverage for any pre-existing conditions you may have.
State of Domicilestateofdomiciletext