Iowa Credit Union Income and Expenses | Last Updated 11 Sep 2019

This dataset provides quarterly income and expenses for all credit unions chartered in the state of Iowa over the past 5 years.

Tags: credit unions, income, expense

This dataset has the following 35 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Report IDreport_idtext
Insurance Numbercu_numbertext
Credit Unioncu_nametext
Reporting Datedatecalendar_date
Loan Incomelintnumber
Interest Refundsintrnumber
Investment Incomeinvinumber
Trading Profitstradepnumber
Total Interest Incometintincnumber
Dividend Expensedivnumber
Deposit Interest Expensedepositintnumber
Interest on Borrowed $intbnumber
Total Interest Expensetintexpnumber
Provision for Loan Loss Exp.pllnumber
Net Interest Incomenintincnumber
Fee Incomefeeincnumber
Other Operating Incomeooincnumber
Gain/Loss on Trading Securitiesgltradenumber
Gain/Loss on Sale of Fixed Assetsglfixednumber
Gain from Bargain Purchasegbarpurnumber
Othe Non-Operating Incomeonoincnumber
Total Non-Interest Incometnintincenumber
Compensation & Benefitscompnumber
Travel & Conference Exptravelnumber
Office Occupancyoffoccnumber
Office Operationsoffopernumber
Education & Promotion Expenseedpromonumber
Loan Servicing Expenselsenumber
Professional Servicesprofservnumber
Member Insurance Expmeminsnumber
Examination Feesopfeenumber
Miscellaneous Expensesmiscnumber
Total Non-Interest Expensetnintenumber
Net Incomenetincnumber
Reserve Transfersreservenumber