Sample 2020 Iowa Individual Affordable Care Act Premiums | Last Updated 30 Aug 2023

Explore and drill into the data using the <a href="/d/5fsw-rf5a" target="_blank" rel="nofollow external">Average 2020 Iowa Individual ACA Premiums by Rating Area, Metal Level and Age</a> chart. <br><br>Please note that not every plan ID is available in every county. Please go to <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow external"></a> to determine if your plan is available in the county you reside in. Sample premium information for individual ACA-compliant health insurance plans available to Iowans for 2020 based on age, rating area and metal level. These are premiums for individuals, not families.

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This dataset has the following 11 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Plan IDplan_idtextID give for the plan the premiums are associated with.
Insurance Companyinsurance_companytextName of insurance company offering the plan.
Plan Nameplan_nametextName of the insurance plan for which premiums are associated with
Plan Typeplan_typetextHealth Maintenance Organization (HMO) or Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO)
AgeagenumberThe age of the individual for which the premium applies. "14" means ages 0-14; "64" means ages 64 and older; the others mean the specific age listed.
Rating Arearating_areatextA geographic area that all issuers in the state must uniformly use as part of their rate setting. Counties within the rating area are listed in the counties column.
Metal Levelmetal_leveltextPlan choices under the Affordable Care Act fall into five different categories or metal levels, i.e., bronze (60%), silver (70%), gold (80%), platinum (90%), and catastrophic (less than 60% -- generally limited to those under the age of 30). A silver plan (on average) would be expected to pay around 70% of healthcare expenses for a standard population. The individual, therefore, would pay about 30%.
Non-Tobacco Premiumnon_tobnumber
Tobacco Premiumtobacconumber
CountiescountiestextCounties within the rating area.
Rating Area Centroidgeocoded_columnpointLocation associated with the center of the plan's rating area.