IPERS-Covered Wages and Contributions by Membership Group, Employer and FY

mydata.iowa.gov | Last Updated 9 Jul 2019

The dataset contains information on IPERS-covered wages, employer contributions and employee contributions by membership group, employer and fiscal year. An employer may have more than one membership group. Count of employers is before modifications due to GASB 68.

Tags: covered wages, employer contributions, employee contributions

This dataset has the following 17 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescription
Fiscal Yearfinancial_yearnumberThe fiscal year for which the covered wages and contributions are associated with. The fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30 and is named for the calendar year for which it ends.
Employer Nameemployer_nametextName of employer contributing to IPERS
Employer Typeemployer_typetextEmployer type places the employers contributing to IPERS into the following categories: cities, counties, education (i.e. school districts an AEAs), health (i.e. mental health, hospitals, medical centers, health centers, home care), other (i.e. econonmic development agencies, housing agencies, community action agencies, transit agencies, etc.), state, and utilities.
Membership Groupmembership_grouptextTheir are three membership groups: Regular, Protection Occupations, and Sheriff/Deputy. Regular members: Non-public safety employees making up 95 percent of IPERS’ membership. Includes education-related employees, legislators and elected officials, licensed health care professionals, and many others. Protection Occupations: State conservation peace officers, state correctional officers, city marshals/police officers, airport firefighters, airport safety officers, state DOT peace officers (traffic/weight), firefighters (in cities excluded from Chapter 410 or 411), fire prevention inspectors/peace officers, state airport security officers, county conservation peace officers, emergency medical service providers, county jailers and detention officers working as jailers, county attorney investigators, National Guard installation security officers, insurance special investigators, and parole peace officers. Sheriff/Deputy: Sheriffs and deputy sheriffs employed by county governments.
Covered Wagescovered_wages_by_grpnumberSum of covered wages within membership group and employer for the fiscal year.
Employee Contributionsemployee_contributions_by_grpnumberSum of employee contributions within membership group for the fiscal year.
Employer Contributionsemployer_contributions_by_grpnumberSum of employer contributions during fiscal year for employees within the membership group
Addressemployer_locationtextStreet address or PO Box belonging to the employer
CitycitytextCity the employer is located
StatestatetextState the employer is located
Zip Codezip_codetextZip Code where the employer is located.
County Namecounty_nametextCounty employer located
Employer LocationlocationpointLocation of the employer participating in IPERS based on mailing address. Where address contains only PO Box Number, lat/long where based on city, state and zip code only - and would not represent a precise location of the employer.
Employer Location (address)location_addresstext
Employer Location (city)location_citytext
Employer Location (state)location_statetext
Employer Location (zip)location_ziptext