Protected FSS Earth Station Registration (Complete Dataset) | Last Updated 28 Jan 2019

Daily transfer of FSS earth station antenna sites registered in the Fixed-Satellite Service Antenna Registration System (FSS ARS).

Tags: 3.5 ghz, fss ars

This dataset has the following 43 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Registration NumbernumbertextThe unique registration number for the earth station registration
Location Statuslocation_statustextThe status of the FSS earth station registration
Call Signcall_signtextThe FSS license call sign
Call Sign Numbercall_sign_numbertextA unique identifier attributed to each call sign record that is added to the system
Earth Station Latitude DMSlatitude_dmstextThe earth station NAD83 latitude in degrees, minutes, and seconds.
Earth Station Longitude DMSlongitude_dmstextThe earth station NAD83 longitude in degrees, minutes, and seconds
Earth Station Latitude Decimallatitude_decimaltextThe earth station NAD83 latitude in decimal degrees.
Earth Station Longitude Decimallongitude_decimalnumberThe earth station NAD83 longitude in decimal degrees
Lower Frequency (MHz)lower_frequencytextThe lower frequency of the FSS frequency assignment to be protected.
Upper Frequency (MHz)upper_frequencytextThe upper frequency of the FSS frequency assignment to be protected.
Pointing Azimuth (degrees)pointing_azimuthnumberThe earth station antenna horizontal azimuth relative to true north denoted in the system as pointing azimuth.
Pointing Elevation Angle (degrees)pointing_elevation_angletextThe earth station antenna elevation angle
Antenna Gain (dBi)antenna_gainnumberThe earth station antenna gain
Earth Station Site Elevation (meters)antenna_site_elevationtextThe earth station ground elevation above mean sea level
Earth Station Height AGL (meters)antenna_height_aglnumberThe earth station antenna height above ground level to the top of the antenna
Earth Station Height AMSL (meters)antenna_height_amsltextThe earth station antenna height above mean sea level to the top of the antenna
GSO Satellite Longitude Decimal Degrees (+E,-W)gso_satellite_longitude_decimaltextThe GSO satellite longitude in decimal degrees (+E,-W)
Use for Tracking, Telemetry and Commandtracking_telemetry_commandtextIndicates whether the earth station is used for satellite tracking telemetry and command (TT&C)
Start Date/Time UTCstart_date_timecalendar_dateThe start date and time (UTC) when the licensee will begin operating with the parameters listed in the registration
Related Registrationrelated_registrationtextThe registration number for the earth station that is being replaced by this registration
Certification Datecertification_datetextThe date the earth station antenna site registration was certified or recertified
Certifier Namecertifier_nametextThe name of the individual that certified/recertified the registration
Certifier Titlecertifier_titletextThe title of the individual that certified/recertified the registration
Registration Last Updatedregistration_updated_oncalendar_date
FRNcall_sign_frnnumberThe 10 digit FCC Registration Number associated with the call sign
Licensee Namecall_sign_licensee_nametextThe name of the FSS licensee
Licensee Addresscall_sign_licensee_addresstextThe FSS licensee street address or PO Box
Licensee Citycall_sign_licensee_citytextThe FSS licensee address city
Licensee Statecall_sign_licensee_statetext
Licensee Zip Codecall_sign_licensee_zip_codenumberThe FSS licensee zip code
Licensee Phonecall_sign_licensee_phonetextThe FSS licensee phone number
Licensee Faxcall_sign_licensee_faxtextThe FSS licensee fax number
Licensee Emailcall_sign_licensee_emailtextThe FSS licensee email address
POC Namecall_sign_poc_nametextThe point of contact for the license
POC Companycall_sign_poc_companytextThe company that the point of contact works for
POC Addresscall_sign_poc_addresstextThe point of contact street address or PO Box
POC Citycall_sign_poc_citytextThe point of contact address city
POC Statecall_sign_poc_statetextThe point of contact 2 character state code
POC Zip Codecall_sign_poc_zip_codenumberThe point of contact address zip code
POC Phonecall_sign_poc_phonetextThe point of contact phone number
POC Faxcall_sign_poc_faxtextThe point of contact fax number
POC Emailcall_sign_poc_emailtextThe point of contact's email address
Call Sign Last Updatedcall_sign_sys_updated_oncalendar_dateThe date/time (EST) of the most recent update to the call sign information (Licensee, POC & FRN)