Fort Collins Public Incident Log (Theft) | Last Updated 23 Oct 2019

Daily list of police calls. Includes incident and case numbers, timestamp and location, and call type and disposition.

Tags: police, calls, blotter, daily

This dataset has the following 9 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Incident Noincident_notext
Case Numbercase_numbertext
Call Typecall_typetextThe nature of / reason for the call
Call Dispositioncall_dispositiontextHow the call was handled by Police Services (the outcome of the call)
meta_row_indexmeta_row_indexnumberMetadata field for a suggested sort order. Sort this column in ascending order to order the dataset the way it was intended from the source system.
meta_row_idmeta_row_idtextMetadata field for record hash. This field is a SHA-1 hash of all other fields in the record, used for validation of record uniqueness.
Georeference Locationgeoreference_locationlocationGeo-reference location based on the given Location field. Unrecognizable locations (blank records) can exist because the Location text is unrecognizable or an exact location wasn't given.