Howard County Tax Roll Report for Tax Year 2016 | Last Updated 6 Apr 2017

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This dataset has the following 59 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Fiscal Yearfiscal_yeartext
Bill Numberbill_numbertext
Parcel Numberparcel_numbertext
Owner 2owner_2text
Owner Addressowner_addresstext
Owner Cityowner_citytext
Owner Stateowner_statetext
Owner Zip-Codeowner_zip_codetext
Property Addressproperty_addresstext
Property Address 2property_address_2text
Class Codeclass_codetext
COUNTY ASSESSMENTcounty_assessmentnumberAssessment provided by the State on which County Tax, Fire Tax and Ad Valorem are charged.
STATE ASSESSMENTstate_assessmentnumber
AD VALOREMad_valoremnumberLevied on property located within the County's Metro water service district.
COUNTY TAXcounty_taxnumberLevied against properties to fund the General Services of the County.
FIRE TAX-METROfire_tax_metronumberLevied against properties to fund Fire and Rescue Services in the County.
FRONT FOOT SEWERfront_foot_sewernumberPaid by owners of property located on a street in which a water main was built before 2004, for a period of 30 years.
FRONT FOOT WATERfront_foot_waternumberPaid by owners of property located on a street in which a sewer main was built before 2004, for a period of 30 years.
STATE BAY RESTOR FEEstate_bay_restor_feenumberState charge billed on the Real Property bill for properties which are on well and septic.
STATE PROPERTY TAXstate_property_taxnumberLevied against properties to fund State services.
TRASH FEEtrash_feenumberAnnual fee for the collection and disposal of residential trash, recycling and yard waste.
WATERSHED PROTECTIONwatershed_protectionnumberAnnual fee used to meet federal stromwater management requirements.
TAX TOTALtax_totalnumberTotal Taxes charged.
STATE HOMEOWNER CREDstate_homeowner_crednumberState funded credit to assist homeowners with income below $60,0000.
COUNTY HOMESTEADcounty_homesteadnumberCounty credit on County Tax which limits the increase in taxable assessment to 5% per year.
STATE HOMESTEADstate_homesteadnumberState credit on State Tax which limits the increase in taxable assessment to 10% per year.
FIRE HOMESTEAD CREDITfire_homestead_creditnumberCounty credit on Fire Tax which limits the increase in taxable assessment to 5% per year.
WATERSHED HARDSHIPwatershed_hardshipnumberCredit on Watershed Protection Fee for low income homeowners.
COUNTY HOMEOWNERScounty_homeownersnumberSupplemental Homeowner Credit funded by County.
SENIOR TAX CREDITsenior_tax_creditnumberA County Tax credit is available for homeowners who are at least 70 years old and have a combined household income that does not exceed 500% of the Federal poverty guidelines for a household of 2. For Tax year 2016, that limit is $81,200.
WATERSHED CREDITwatershed_creditnumberCredit on Watershed Protection Fee for properties that take certain measures to reduce stormwater runoff.
AGRICULTURE CREDITagriculture_creditnumberLandowners with state and county agricultural easements may be eligible for this County tax credit.
BROWNFIELDbrownfieldnumberCounty tax credit to the owner of a property who participates in a voluntary cleanup program with the State Department of the Environment.
COMM AND IND CREDcomm_and_ind_crednumberCounty tax credits to commercial or industrial businesses that make a substantial investment in the County. This program is administered by the Economic Development Authority of Howard County.
COMMUNITY ASSN CREDcommunity_assn_crednumberTax credit on certain real and tangible personal owned by a Community Association.
CONSERV LANDS CREDITconserv_lands_creditnumberCounty tax credits to owners of conservation land or property owned by a Land Trust.
DAYCARE CREDITdaycare_creditnumberCounty tax credit on improvements made to property used exclusively for the purpose of providing family or group adult day care or child day care by a licensed or accredited provider.
DEFERRED TAXESdeferred_taxesnumberCounty tax deferral for elderly and disabled homeowners.
EMERGENCY WORKERemergency_workernumberCounty tax credit for Spouse of Fallen Law Enforcement Officer or Emergency Worker OR Disabled Law Enforcement Officer or Emergency Worker.
ENERGY DEVICE CREDITenergy_device_creditnumberDiscontinued Tax Credit for residential installation of Energy Devices.
HIGH PRFM BLDG CREDhigh_prfm_bldg_crednumberCounty tax credit for LEED Certified Commercial and Residential Properties at a Silver level or higher.
HISTORICAL CREDIThistorical_creditnumberCounty tax credit for certain improvements to qualified historic buildings.
LIVABLE HOMESlivable_homesnumberCounty tax credit for the cost of certain accessibility features installed in owner occupied residential property.
PILOTpilotnumberCounty tax credit based on agreement between county and property owner to reduce taxes and take a Payment in Lieu of Taxes based on some other criteria.
RELIGIOUS GROUP CREDreligious_group_crednumberCounty tax credit on property leased by a religious organization if the organization would have qualified for a property tax exemption under § 7-204 of the Tax Property Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland if it owned the property.
HISTORICAL RESTORATIONhistorical_restorationnumberCounty tax credit on the taxes related to the increase in the assessment of a property due to improvements on qualified historic buildings.
THERAP RIDING CREDITtherap_riding_creditnumberCounty tax credit on property for therapeutic riding facilities that furnish services to disabled individuals, at least 85% of its clients are disabled and the owner is a non-profit organization.
SHARED EQUITY CREDshared_equity_crednumberCounty tax credit on property jointly owned by the Howard County Housing Commission and a residential property owner.
AMATEUR SPORTS CREDamateur_sports_crednumberCounty tax credit on property that includes athletic fields that are used exclusively for amateur sports and the owner is a non-profit organization.
HISTORICAL SPRINKLERhistorical_sprinklernumberCounty tax credit for the installation of sprinkler systems in qualified historic buildings.
WATERSHED PROTECTION CREDITwatershed_protection_creditnumber
STORM WATER CREDITstorm_water_creditnumberCredit against Watershed Protesction Fee for properties owned by non-profits who enter into an agreement with the County to mitigate stormwater runoff on the property.
TRASH CREDITtrash_creditnumberHomeowners with limited income may qualify for a 60% credit against the Trash Fee.
ROUTE 1route_1numberCounty tax credit for properties on Route 1 for the cost of exterior improvements.
CREDITS TOTALcredits_totalnumber