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K-12 and higher education - expenditures, institutions, and attainment.

Tags: maryland, state, compare, expenditures, salary, education, degree, attainment

This dataset has the following 10 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Public School Student-Teacher Ratio, K-12public_student_teacher_ratio_k12text
Public School Expenditures Per Pupil, K-12 ($ Dollars)public_pupil_expenditures_k12text
Average Salary for Public School Teachers, K-12 ($ Dollars)avg_salary_public_teachers_k12text
High School Attainment (%)high_school_attainmenttext
Bachelor's Degree Attainment (%)bachelors_degree_attainmenttext
Graduate Degree Attainment (%)graduate_degree_attainmenttext
Annual College Graduatesannual_college_graduatestext
Number of 2-Year Collegesnum_2yr_collegestext
Number of 4-Year Colleges and Universitiesnum_4yr_colleges_universitiestext