MTA Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Data | Last Updated 26 Aug 2019

*** DISCLAIMER - This web page is a public resource of general information. The Maryland Mass Transit Administration (MTA) makes no warranty, representation, or guarantee as to the content, sequence, accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of any of the spatial data or database information provided herein. MTA and partner state, local, and other agencies shall assume no liability for errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in the information provided regardless of how caused; or any decision made or action taken or not taken by any person relying on any information or data furnished within. *** This dataset assesses rail station potential for different forms of transit oriented development (TOD). A key driver of increased transit ridership in Maryland, TOD capitalizes on existing rapid transit infrastructure. The online tool focuses on the MTA’s existing MARC Commuter Rail, Metro Subway, and Central Light Rail lines and includes information specific to each station. The goal of this dataset is to give MTA planning staff, developers, local governments, and transit riders a picture of how each MTA rail station could attract TOD investment. In order to make this assessment, MTA staff gathered data on characteristics that are likely to influence TOD potential. The station-specific data is organized into 6 different categories referring to transit activity; station facilities; parking provision and utilization; bicycle and pedestrian access; and local zoning and land availability around each station. As a publicly shared resource, this dataset can be used by local communities to identify and prioritize area improvements in coordination with the MTA that can help attract investment around rail stations. You can view an interactive version of this dataset at ** Ridership is calculated the following ways: Metro Rail ridership is based on Metro gate exit counts. Light Rail ridership is estimated using a statistical sampling process in line with FTA established guidelines, and approved by the FTA. MARC ridership is calculated using two (2) independent methods: Monthly Line level ridership is estimated using a statistical sampling process in line with FTA established guidelines, and approved by the FTA. This method of ridership calculation is used by the MTA for official reporting purposes to State level and Federal level reporting. Station level ridership is estimated by using person counts completed by the third party vendor. This method of calculation has not been verified by the FTA for statistical reporting and is used for scheduling purposes only. However, because of the granularity of detail, this information is useful for TOD applications. *Please note that the monthly level ridership and the station level ridership are calculated using two (2) independent methods that are not interchangeable and should not be compared for analysis purposes.

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This dataset has the following 80 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Station IDstation_idnumber
Station Namestation_nametext
Rail Lines Servedrail_lines_servedtext
TOD Place Typetod_place_typetext
Area Population (2010)area_population_2010number
Station Typestation_typetext
Transit Scoretransit_scorenumber
Station Facility Scorestation_facility_scorenumber
Parking Scoreparking_scorenumber
Bike Access Scorebike_access_scorenumber
Ped Access Scoreped_access_scorenumber
TOD Zoning Scoretod_zoning_scorenumber
Development Marketdevelopment_marketnumber
Total Rail Linestotal_rail_linesnumber
Modes Servedmodes_servednumber
Transit Connectionstransit_connectionstext
Connecting Bus Routesconnecting_bus_routestext
Connecting Bus Routes (Text)connecting_bus_routes_texttext
Weekday Ridership: MARC Pennweekday_ridership_marc_pennnumber
Weekday Ridership: MARC Camdenweekday_ridership_marc_camdennumber
Weekday Ridership: MARC Brunswickweekday_ridership_marc_brunswicknumber
Weekday Ridership: Metroweekday_ridership_metronumber
Weekday Ridership: Light Railweekday_ridership_light_railnumber
Weekend Ridership: MARC Pennweekend_ridership_marc_pennnumber
Weekend Ridership: MARC Camdenweekend_ridership_marc_camdennumber
Weekend Ridership: MARC Brunswickweekend_ridership_marc_brunswicknumber
Weekend Ridership: Metroweekend_ridership_metronumber
Weekend Ridership: Light Railweekend_ridership_light_railnumber
Frequency of Service Weekday: MARC Pennfrequency_of_service_weekday_marc_pennnumber
Frequency of Service Weekday: MARC Camdenfrequency_of_service_weekday_marc_camdennumber
Frequency of Service Weekday: MARC Brunswickfrequency_of_service_weekday_marc_brunswicknumber
Frequency of Service Weekday: Metrofrequency_of_service_weekday_metronumber
Frequency of Service Weekday: Light Railfrequency_of_service_weekday_light_railnumber
Frequency of Service Weekend: MARC Pennfrequency_of_service_weekend_marc_pennnumber
Frequency of Service Weekend: MARC Camdenfrequency_of_service_weekend_marc_camdennumber
Frequency of Service Weekend: MARC Brunswickfrequency_of_service_weekend_marc_brunswicknumber
Frequency of Service Weekend: Metrofrequency_of_service_weekend_metronumber
Frequency of Service Weekend: Light Railfrequency_of_service_weekend_light_railnumber
Track Crossingtrack_crossingtext
Schedule Informationschedule_informationtext
Route Informationroute_informationtext
Ticket Booth/Machineticket_booth_machinetext
Public Restroomspublic_restroomstext
Public Phonespublic_phonestext
Parking Spots Regularparking_spots_regularnumber
Parking Feeparking_feetext
Parking Spots ADAparking_spots_adanumber
EVC Charge Stationsevc_charge_stationsnumber
EVC Charge Stations Occupiedevc_charge_stations_occupiednumber
Vehicles Parked (2010)vehicles_parked_2010number
Vehicles Parked (2014)vehicles_parked_2014number
Utilization Rate (2014)utilization_rate_2014number
Spaces relative to number of Average Daily Riders (Weekday) Total linesspaces_relative_to_number_of_average_daily_riders_weekday_total_linesnumber
Spaces relative to number of Average Daily Riders (Weekend) Total linesspaces_relative_to_number_of_average_daily_riders_weekend_total_linesnumber
Spaces relative to other stations on the same linespaces_relative_to_other_stations_on_the_same_linenumber
Intersection Density (1 Mile Diameter)intersection_density_1_mile_diameternumber
Short Trip Opportunity Analysis (1 Mile Buffer)short_trip_opportunity_analysis_1_mile_buffernumber
Number of Bicycle Racksnumber_of_bicycle_racksnumber
Type of Bicycle Rackstype_of_bicycle_rackstext
Number of Bicycle Lockersnumber_of_bicycle_lockersnumber
Number of Bicycle Lockers Occupiednumber_of_bicycle_lockers_occupiednumber
Locally Designated TODlocally_designated_todtext
Zoning Summaryzoning_summarytext
Local Zoning Descriptionslocal_zoning_descriptionsurl
Area Master plansarea_master_planstext
Residential Alterations (units)residential_alterations_unitsnumber
Residentail Alterations (permits)residentail_alterations_permitsnumber
Residential New Construction (permits)residential_new_construction_permitsnumber
Residential New Construction (units)residential_new_construction_unitsnumber
Non Residential Alterations (permits)non_residential_alterations_permitsnumber
Non Residentail New Contruction (permits)non_residentail_new_contruction_permitsnumber
Mixed-Use New Construction (permits)mixed_use_new_construction_permitsnumber
Mixed-Use New Construction (units)mixed_use_new_construction_unitsnumber
Count of MD Property View Parcelscount_of_md_property_view_parcelsnumber
Cumulative Composite Score (YEARBLT score x SQFTSTRC score)cumulative_composite_score_yearblt_score_x_sqftstrc_scorenumber