Choose Maryland: Compare Counties - Transportation | Last Updated 6 Dec 2018

Workforce travel habits - commute times and destinations.

Tags: maryland, county, compare, transportation, commute, travel time, airport

This dataset has the following 10 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Distance to Nearest Primary Commercial Airport (mi.)distance_commercial_airporttext
Average Travel Time to Work (Minutes)avg_work_commutetext
Workers Commuting Into the Countyworkers_commuting_into_cntytext
Workers Commuting Out of the Countyworkers_commuting_out_cntytext
Net Workers Commuting Into/Out of the Countyworkers_commuting_in_out_cntytext
Residents Who Work in Own Countyresidents_work_own_cntytext
Percentage of Employed Residents Who Work in Own County (%)perc_residents_employed_own_cntytext
Percentage of County Jobs Held by Residents (%)perc_cnty_jobs_residentstext
Percentage of County Jobs Held by Non-Residents (%)perc_cnty_jobs_non_residentstext