Choose Maryland: Compare Counties - Workforce | Last Updated 19 Aug 2019

Workforce summary - employment, unemployment, participation rates, earnings, establishments. Data is updated and various times and is used to power the Dept. of Commerce Data Explorer Dashboard.

Tags: maryland, county, compare, workforce, labor, employment, workers, wage, salary, earnings, industry

This dataset has the following 10 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Labor Forcelabor_forcetext
Employment (by place of residence)employmenttext
Unemployment Rate (%)unemployment_ratetext
Labor Force Participation Rate, Total (%)labor_force_participation_rate_totaltext
Average Annual Employment (by place of work)average_annual_employment_totaltext
Average Weekly Wage, Total ($ Dollars)average_weekly_wage_total_dollarstext
Number of Business Establishmentsnumber_of_business_establishmentstext
Number of Business Establishments with 100 or More Workersnumber_of_business_establishments_with_100_or_more_workerstext