Impaired Driving Arrests by Quarter: Column Chart | Last Updated 13 Jul 2017

Data from the Maryland State Police (MSP) for the Governor's Office of Performance Improvement Dashboard. This data is updated by MSP quarterly.

Tags: medevac, helicopter, msp, dui. arrests, cross border, investigations, police, state police, maryland, aviation, traffic stops, traffic

This dataset has the following 7 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Medevac Missionsmedevac_missionsnumberThe completed airborne medical evacuation flight from a scene to a medical facility. Source: MSP Aviation Command
Impaired Driving Arrestsimpaired_driving_arrestsnumberThe charging of a person for the violation of Maryland Traffic law as it relates to driving under the influence. This includes alcohol and controlled dangerous substances. Source: Etix database
Cross-Border Criminal Investigationscross_border_criminal_investigationsnumberA criminal investigation that crosses traditional state and/or county jurisdictions. As of Jan. 1 2016 the number includes county to county investigations within Maryland. Source: MSP Criminal Investigation Bureau
Total Traffic Stopstotal_traffic_stopsnumberThe physical stopping of a vehicle for the violation of a Maryland Traffic law. The stop is documented with a citation (ticket), warning, or equipment repair order. Source: Etix database