Voter Registration Count By Precinct And District Data | Last Updated 7 Feb 2020

This dataset shows voter registration totals by precinct, ward and district in Ramsey County.

Tags: vote, precincts, ward, wards, voting, registration, registered, participation

This dataset has the following 16 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
City Codecity_codetext
City Namecity_nametext
Ward Codeward_codetext
Ward Nameward_nametext
Precinct Codeprecinct_codetext
Precinct Nameprecinct_nametext
Congressional Districtcongressional_districttext
State Senate Districtstate_senate_districttext
State House Districtstate_house_districttext
County Commissioner Districtcounty_commissioner_districttext
Judicial Districtjudicial_districttext
Soil and Water Conservation Districtsoil_and_water_conservation_districttext
Hospital Districthospital_districttext
Voter Countvoter_countnumber