Municipal And School District Election Results - Dataset | Last Updated 23 Feb 2018

Results by precinct for odd-year elections in Ramsey County, Minnesota.

Tags: election, results, vote, voting

This dataset has the following 13 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Voting datevoting_datecalendar_date
Election yearelection_yeartext
Precinct Nameprecinct_nametext
Precinct IDprecinct_idtext
Office IDoffice_idtext
Office nameoffice_nametext
Candidate order codecandidate_order_codetext
Candidate namecandidate_nametext
Party abbreviationparty_abbreviationtext
Votes for candidatevotes_for_candidatenumber
Percentage of Votes for candidate out of Total Votes for Officepercentage_of_votes_for_candidate_out_of_total_votes_for_officenumber
Total number of votes for office in areatotal_number_of_votes_for_office_in_areanumber