Historical Expenditures For Utah (2014.12) - 2014 State Auditor Report

opendata.utah.gov | Last Updated 11 Feb 2019

A summary of the Historical Expenditures for the State of Utah, 1984-2014 prepared by the Utah State Auditor as part of the 2014 Single Audit Report

Tags: audit, state government, expenditures, gdp, budget, federal

This dataset has the following 17 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Fiscal Yearfiscal_yearnumber
Total Federaltotal_federalnumber
Federal Sharefederal_sharenumber
CAFR / Equivalent - Government Fundscafr_equivalent_government_fundsnumber
Proprietary Fundsproprietary_fundsnumber
Comp Unit Activitycomp_unit_activitynumber
GPC Fundsgpc_fundsnumber
State Budget Books - All Sourcesstate_budget_books_all_sourcesnumber
Operating Budgetoperating_budgetnumber
Capital Budgetcapitol_budgetnumber
Census of State Government Finance - Intergovernmentalcensus_of_state_government_finance_intergovernmentalnumber
Direct Expendituredirect_expenditurenumber
Capitol Debtcapitol_debtnumber
BEA Gross Domestic Product by State - State & Local GDPbea_gross_domestic_product_by_state_state_local_gdpnumber
All Industry GDPall_industry_gdpnumber