Daily PM10 Pollution Emissions Utah 2001

opendata.utah.gov | Last Updated 19 Apr 2019

Available State-wide annual daily inventories of air pollutant emissions (PM10) are summarized in this data set. Full annual inventories are collected ever three years.

Tags: pm10, pollution

This dataset has the following 26 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
State Codestate_codenumber
County Codecounty_codenumber
Site Numsite_numnumber
Parameter Codeparameter_codenumber
Parameter Nameparameter_nametext
Sample Durationsample_durationtext
Pollutant Standardpollutant_standardtext
Date Localdate_localcalendar_date
Units of Measureunits_of_measuretext
Event Typeevent_typetext
Observation Countobservation_countnumber
Observation Percentobservation_percentnumber
Arithmetic Meanarithmetic_meannumber
1st Max Value_1st_max_valuenumber
1st Max Hour_1st_max_hournumber
Method Namemethod_nametext
Local Site Namelocal_site_nametext
State Namestate_nametext
County Namecounty_nametext
City Namecity_nametext
CBSA Namecbsa_nametext
Date of Last Changedate_of_last_changecalendar_date
Location 1location_1location