Unaccounted Water - FY 2012 - FY 2015

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Water & Sewer Statistics

Tags: water, sewer, iwrp, water quality violations

This dataset has the following 9 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Date & Timedate_timecalendar_date
Fiscal Yearfiscal_yearnumber
Energy Costs for W&Senergy_costs_for_w_snumberBased upon all costs under 82400 - Utilities - in Water, Wastewater & Reclaimed Funds for City of Franklin
Unaccounted Waterunaccounted_waternumber
Sanitary Scoresanitatry_scorenumber
Water Quality Violationswater_quality_violationsnumber
% IWRP Completediwrp_completednumber
Strategic Schedule Adoptedstrategic_schedule_adoptedtext
Platinum Status TVA?platinum_status_tvatext