Monthly Unemployment Rates for Georgia Places | Last Updated 30 Jan 2023

This dataset contains historic unemployment statistics for various geographies in the state of Georgia. Geographies include cities, counties and metropolitan areas. Statistics include unemployment rate, number unemployed, number employed and number in labor force. Monthly and annual statistics are provided from 1976 to present.

Tags: employment, laborforce, unemployment, spmo

This dataset has the following 11 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
IDidnumberA unique ID
Series IDseries_idtextCode identifying the specific series.
YearyearnumberIdentifies year of data value.
PeriodperiodtextIdentifies period for which the data value is observed. M01 = January, M02 = February, etc. M13 indicates an annual data value.
ValuevaluenumberData value for series in a specifc year and period.
Area Codearea_codetextCode identifying the geographic area to which the data refer.
Monthmonthcalendar_dateThe date corresponding to the first day of the period. This is added to the original data to enable time series charts.
Geographic Area Namearea_texttextName of the geographic area to which the data refer. (e.g. Newton County; Augusta; Savannah, GA Metropolitan Statistical Area)
Footnote Codefootnote_codestextIdentifies footnote for the data value or series. ((P) indicates a preliminary data value.)
Series Titleseries_titletext
Month as Textmonth2text