Better Built Homes | Last Updated 4 Jun 2015

Attribute data for each home contains address, Better Built Certification status, date certified, and HERS Index score. About Better Built: better built is Chattanooga’s Good Home Index, led by local architects, contractors, realtors and homeowners – working together to build value for homes in Chattanooga. We do this by providing standards and a blueprint for high performance homes that lower costs for occupants, appreciate in value because of better design and construction, and reduce the environmental impact of our houses – all with a goal of helping serve Chattanooga people, profits and planet.Features of these homes include:· better built certified and ENERGY STAR qualified· HERS Index of 85 or less· High-performance Windows (per 2009 IECC)· Efficient HVAC equipment (sized per Manual J Calculation)· Efficient Ductwork (sized and designed per Manual D Calculation)· Effective Insulation (R-values per 2009 IECC)· Water Efficient Bath Fixtures (per EPA WaterSense program)· Sediment and Erosion Control (during construction)· Site Stabilization (after construction) The Office of Sustainability was created to lead the Chattanooga Green effort. In order to meet the goals of the Climate Action Plan to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and create a more sustainable community, we are currently focused on: Study of Water Quality resources and management of stormwaterDevelopment of demonstration projects for energy efficiency and study of alternative energy sources Initiate community programs, outreach, and educationPromote outstanding sustainability efforts by Chattanooga area businessesReview sustainable transportation options Work with sustainability partners within both the public and private sectors The Office of Sustainability works closely with the Regional Planning Agency at the Planning & Design Studio located on the third floor of the Development Resource Center. The partnership facilitates for the ongoing creation of solutions and strategies to address the sustainability needs of the city.

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