Better Built Homes | Last Updated 4 Jun 2015

Attribute data for each home contains address, Better Built Certification status, date certified, and HERS Index score. About Better Built: better built is Chattanooga’s Good Home Index, led by local architects, contractors, realtors and homeowners – working together to build value for homes in Chattanooga. We do this by providing standards and a blueprint for high performance homes that lower costs for occupants, appreciate in value because of better design and construction, and reduce the environmental impact of our houses – all with a goal of helping serve Chattanooga people, profits and planet.Features of these homes include:· better built certified and ENERGY STAR qualified· HERS Index of 85 or less· High-performance Windows (per 2009 IECC)· Efficient HVAC equipment (sized per Manual J Calculation)· Efficient Ductwork (sized and designed per Manual D Calculation)· Effective Insulation (R-values per 2009 IECC)· Water Efficient Bath Fixtures (per EPA WaterSense program)· Sediment and Erosion Control (during construction)· Site Stabilization (after construction)

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