Routine Restaurant and Food Establishment Inspections Score 0-59 | Last Updated 18 May 2017

Tags: restaurant, inspection, violation, food, food inspection, mobile food vehicle, food truck, consumer complaints, food borne investigations, temporary food services, restaurant inspection

This dataset has the following 4 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Restaurant Nameprogram_identifiertextThe Program Identifier allows users to add a description for a General Health Program record that identifies one general health program from another. For example, two programs (restaurants) at one facility can have the same Program/Element code (1600 - Food). The PROGRAM_IDENTIFIER field allows users to add a description for differentiating the two (The Moonlight Room and The Laguna Lounge).
Inspection Typeinspection_typetextCode indicating the inspection type, such as Routine, Follow-up, Complaint, Temporary and Mobile. • Routine Inspections – are conducted at least once every six months • Follow-up Inspections – are conducted as a result of poor sanitation issues, low scores • Complaints Inspections – General Sanitation/Hygienic Practices /Illness Investigation, Smoking and Other • Temporary – the City of Dallas Office of Special Events provides a listing of public events being held involving food and the Consumer Health Division provides guidance and inspects • Mobile – the various mobile food units are inspected annually with random inspections conducted during the year
Inspection Dateinspection_datecalendar_dateDate the inspection for the facility was performed.
Inspection Scoreinspection_scorenumberThe aggregate score from the inspection violations. Please note not every violation will reflect a point deduction as establishments are allowed to correct violations during the inspection process, and therefore no reduction in the overall score is reflected for the violation.