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This dataset represents the Dallas Police Public Data - RMS Incidents beginning June 1, 2014 to current-date. The Dallas Police Department strives to collect and disseminate police report information in a timely, accurate manner. This information reflects crimes as reported to the Dallas Police Department as of the current date. Crime classifications are based upon preliminary information supplied to the Dallas Police Department by the reporting parties and the preliminary classifications may be changed at a later date based upon additional investigation. Therefore, the Dallas Police Department does not guarantee (either expressed or implied) the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or correct sequencing of the information contained herein and the information should not be used for comparison purposes over time. The Dallas Police Department will not be responsible for any error or omission, or for the use of, or the results obtained from the use of this information. This online site is an attempt to make it easier for citizens to access offense reports. In disseminating this crime information, we must also comply with current laws that regulate the release of potentially sensitive and confidential information. To ensure that privacy concerns are protected and legal standards are met, report data is "filtered" prior to being made available to the public. Among the exclusions are: 1.) Sexually oriented offenses 2.) Offenses where juveniles or children (individuals under 17 years of age) are the victim or suspect 3.) Listing of property items that are considered evidence 4.) Social Service Referral offenses 5.) Identifying vehicle information in certain offenses

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This dataset has the following 100 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescription
Date1 of Occurrencedate1calendar_dateThe first date of the date occurrence of the incident (Ex: incident occurred between 1/1/2016 and 1/2/2016)
Incident Number w/yearincidentnumtextAn RMS generated incident number (report number) with the year
Type of IncidentoffincidenttextType of Incident
Incident Addressincident_addresstextAddress where incident occurred
BeatbeatnumberGeographic area comprised of beats where incident occurred
Type LocationpremisetextLocation type where incident took place For example, Apartment Parking, Residence
Year of IncidentservyrnumberYear associated with the incident number
Reporting ArearanumberGeographic area comprised of reporting areas where incident occurred
Service Number IDservnumidtextIncident number plus year code plus offense number (Ex: -02 means there is two offense with this one incident) Internal use
WatchwatchtextPolice watch 1st 2nd or 3rd (1st watch = Late Night, 2nd watch = Days and 3rd watch = Evenings)
Call (911) ProblemsignaltextPolice call signal generated by Communications ( Type of 911 call dispacthed)
Type of PropertyobjattacktextThe target item… Parkinglot, Motor Vehicle
Apartment NumberapttextApartment number
DivisiondivisiontextGeographic area comprised of census blocks where incident occurred (smallest police geography)
SectorsectornumberGeographic area comprised of Sectors where incident occurred
Council DistrictdistricttextGeographic area comprised of city council districts where incident occurred
Target Area Action GridstaagtextGeographic areas targeted for higher than average crime
CommunitycommunitytextCommunity Prosecution Areas as designated by the City Community Prosecutors
Year1 of Occurrenceyear1numberYear of the indent based on the Date of Occurrence (Date1). Internal use
Month1 of Occurencemonth1textMonth (starting) of the indent based on the Date of Occurrence (Date1). Internal use
Day1 of the Weekday1textDay of the indent based on the Date of Occurrence (Date1). Internal use
Time1 of Occurrencetime1textThe first (starting) time of the time occurrence of the incident (Ex: incident occurred between 8:00am and 5:00pm)
Day1 of the Yeardate1dayofyearnumberThe calender number of the year 1‐365 based on Date1. Internal use
Date2 of Occurrencedate2_of_occurrence_2calendar_dateThe second date of the date occurrence of the incident (Ex: incident occurred between 1/1/2016 and 1/2/2016)
Year2 of Occurrenceyear2numberYear of the indent based on the Date of Occurrence (Date2)
Month2 of Occurencemonth2textMonth (end) of the indent based on the Date of Occurrence (Date2)
Day2 of the Weekday2textDay of the indent based on the Date of Occurrence (Date1)
Time2 of Occurrencetime2textThe second(end) time of the time occurrence of the incident (Ex: incident occurred between 8:00am and 5:00pm)
Day2 of the Yeardate2dayofyearnumberThe calender number of the year 1‐365 based on Date2. Internal use
Date of Reportreporteddatecalendar_dateThe date of the incident as reported to the police
Date incident creatededatecalendar_dateThe date the incident record was created. Internal use
Offense Entered YeareyearnumberThe year the offense was entered into the system . Internal use
Offense Entered MonthemonthtextThe month the offense was entered into the system. Internal use
Offense Entered Day of the WeekedaytextThe day the offense was entered into the system. Internal use
Offense Entered TimeetimetextThe time the offense was entered into the system. Internal use
Offense Entered Date/TimeedatedayofyeartextThe calender number of the year the offense was entered. Internal use
CFS Numbercfs_numbertextCFS Number
Call Received Date Timecallorgdatecalendar_dateThe date the related call was received
Call Date Timecallreceivedcalendar_dateDate and time of the related call
Call Cleared Date Timecallclearedcalendar_dateDate and time related call was cleared
Call Dispatch Date Timecalldispatchedcalendar_dateDate and time related call was dispatched
Special Report (Pre-RMS)splrpttextNo longer applies.. PreRMS
Person Involvement TypeinvolvementtextPerson can be; victim, reporting person, witness
Victim TypevictimtypetextVictim Type
Victim NamecompnametextVictim Name
Victim RacecompracetextVictim Race
Victim EthnicitycompethnicitytextVictim Ethnicity
Victim GendercompsextextVictim Gender
Victim AgecompagenumberVictim Age
Victim Age at OffensecompageatoffensetimenumberVictim Age at Offense
Victim Home AddresscomphaddresstextVictim Home Address
Victim ApartmentcomphapttextVictim Apartment
Victim Zip CodecomphzipcodetextVictim Zip Code
Victim CitycompcitytextVictim City
Victim StatecompstatetextVictim State
Victim Business NamecompbusnametextVictim Business Name
Victim Business AddresscompbaddresstextVictim Business Address
Victim Business PhonecompbphonetextVictim Business Phone
Responding Officer #1 Badge Noro1badgetextResponding Officer #1 Badge No
Responding Officer #1 Namero1nametextResponding Officer #1 Name
Responding Officer #2 Badge Noro2badgetextResponding officer #2 Badge number
Responding Officer #2 Namero2nametextResponding officer #2 Name
Reporting Officer Badge NoreptofftextReporting Officer Badge No
Assisting Officer Badge NoassoffbadgetextAssisting Officer Badge No
Reviewing Officer Badge NoreviewbadgenumtextReviewing Officer Badge No
Element Number AssignedelenumtextReporting officers assigned element number
Investigating Unit 1followup1text1st Assigned investigative unit
Investigating Unit 2followup2textInvestigating Unit 2
Offense StatusstatustextStatus of the offense
UCR Dispositionucr_disptextUCR Disposition of the incident
Victim Injury DescriptionvictiminjurydesctextDescription of victims injury
Victim ConditionvictimcondtextVictim Condition
Modus Operandi (MO)motextShort description of the offense
Family OffensefamilycheckboxYes or no if the offense is family violence
Hate CrimehatetextYes or no if offense is a hate crime
Hate Crime DescriptionhatecrimedescriptntextHate Crime Description
Weapon UsedweaponusedtextWeapon Used
Gang Related OffensegangtextYes or no if offense is gang realated
Victim PackagevicpckgtextYes or no if family violence package was given to the victim
Drug Related IstevencidentdrugtextYes or no if incident is drug related
RMS CodeoffensecodetextUCR Offense code
Criminal Justice Information Service CodecjisnumberCriminal Justice Information Services Code (CJIS)
Penal CodepenalcodetextState Penal Violation Code number
UCR Offense Nameucr_offensetextUCR Offense Name
UCR Offense Descriptionucr_offdesctextUCR Offense description. Internal use
UCR CodeucrcodenumberUCR Code
Offense TypetypetextOffense category Part1 or Part2 or Not coded. Internal use
NIBRS Crimenibrs_crimetextNIBRS Crime
NIBRS Crime Categorynibrs_crime_categorytextNIBRS Crime Category
NIBRS Crime Againstnibrs_crimeagainsttextNIBRS Crime Against
NIBRS Codenibrs_codetextNIBRS Code
NIBRS Groupnibrs_grouptextNIBRS Group
NIBRS Typenibrs_typetextNIBRS Type
Update DateupzdatetextDate incident was last updated. Internal use
X Coordinatex_coordinatenumberX Coordinate
Y Cordinatey_cordinatenumberY Cordinate
Zip Codezip_codenumberZipcode in which incident occured
CitycitytextCity in which incident occurred
StatestatetextState in which incident occurred