The median earnings of Idaho was $24,696 in 2013.

Earnings and Gender

Earnings and Education

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Jobs and Earnings Datasets Involving Idaho

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    City Budget and Actual Revenue | Last Updated 2017-01-18T21:19:06.000Z

    This dataset contains the budget and actual revenue self-reported by each city via their yearly budget forms filed with the Department of Management. Actual revenue data lags budget expenditures by a couple of fiscal years.

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    Employee Salaries | Last Updated 2017-02-03T17:03:18.000Z

    This dataset provides the salary (does not include fringe benefits) for each of the City’s full-time employee’s by their classification title. This dataset has salaries as of October 18, 2016.

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    Biennial Operating Budget | Last Updated 2015-10-21T23:19:28.000Z

    Operating Budget. Includes operating budget expenditures and revenues only. Does not include capital expenditures (CIP).

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    Revenue and Expenditure Actuals | Last Updated 2015-06-29T17:19:29.000Z

    This report includes Actual expenditures and revenues for the entire fiscal year . It includes adjustment period (period 13).

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    Living Wage | Last Updated 2017-02-17T22:39:34.000Z

    This table contains data on the living wage and the percent of families with incomes below the living wage for California, its counties, regions and cities/towns. Living wage is the wage needed to cover basic family expenses (basic needs budget) plus all relevant taxes; it does not include publicly provided income or housing assistance. The percent of families below the living wage was calculated using data from the Living Wage Calculator ( and the U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey. The table is part of a series of indicators in the Healthy Communities Data and Indicators Project of the Office of Health Equity ( The living wage is the wage or annual income that covers the cost of the bare necessities of life for a worker and his/her family. These necessities include housing, transportation, food, childcare, health care, and payment of taxes. Low income populations and non-white race/ethnic have disproportionately lower wages, poorer housing, and higher levels of food insecurity. More information about the data table and a data dictionary can be found in the About/Attachments section.

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    Employee Compensation | Last Updated 2017-03-27T06:45:23.000Z

    The San Francisco Controller's Office maintains a database of the salary and benefits paid to City employees since fiscal year 2013. This data is summarized and presented on the Employee Compensation report hosted at, and is also available in this dataset in CSV format. New data is added on a bi-annual basis when available for each fiscal and calendar year.

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    B-4A, Adjusted Gross Income Class Comparison, All Filing Statuses | Last Updated 2017-03-08T21:44:15.000Z

    Adjusted gross income class statistics combined for all filing statuses for California residents personal income tax return data.<br/><br/>For more information by taxable year , see <a href=', Annual Report'>, Annual Report</a>, Table B-4A and B-2.

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    KCMO 2013 ACS 5-year estimates Income Census Data | Last Updated 2015-06-15T17:20:29.000Z

    2013 ACS 5-year estimates for Income organized by census tract. Included in this data are all census tracts that are included in the boundaries of KCMO, even if no KCMO citizens lived in that tract when the data was gathered. All data was gathered on the U.S. Census Bureau's website: Table ID: B15003

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    LA County Employee Salaries | Last Updated 2017-02-13T11:18:43.000Z

    Provides compensation paid to employees in the form of earnings and fringe benefits.

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    QAC Property Assessments by Property ID - 2012 through 2017 | Last Updated 2016-07-29T11:34:32.000Z

    Property Assessments by Property ID including address and legal data