The median earnings of Iowa was $29,498 in 2013.

Earnings and Gender

Earnings and Education

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Jobs and Earnings Datasets Involving Iowa

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    Summary Financial Data For Credit Unions | Last Updated 2016-06-06T20:56:56.000Z

    This dataset provides annual summary financial data for Iowa state-chartered credit unions starting with year ending 12/31/2005.

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    City Budget and Actual Revenue | Last Updated 2015-07-23T20:50:48.000Z

    This dataset contains the budget and actual revenue self-reported by each city via their yearly budget forms filed with the Department of Management. Actual revenue data lags budget expenditures by a couple of fiscal years.

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    Tax Credit Claims | Last Updated 2016-02-04T16:16:45.000Z

    The data includes information on tax credit claims reported on the IA 148 Tax Credits Schedule. The tax credits were claimed against the individual income, corporate income, franchise, and insurance premiums tax types. The IA 148 was introduced in tax year 2006. The most recent tax year with complete and verified data is 2012. There were over 30 tax credit types that could be claimed on the IA 148 in tax years 2006 through 2012. Some credits are awarded, the year of the award is included when available, while others require no award. Tax credits are nonrefundable or refundable. If a nonrefundable tax credit amount exceeds tax liability, the amount applied will be limited to tax liability and the balance of the credit either expires or becomes carry forward for the next tax year. Refundable tax credits can be claimed for the full amount regardless of tax liability. Because taxpayers can file amended returns, the tax credit claim data are subject to change. For individual income taxpayers, data on the county of residence and the adjusted gross income of the taxpayer are included.

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    Employee Compensation by Industry in Iowa | Last Updated 2016-12-02T02:01:23.000Z

    This dataset contains employee compensation estimates in thousands of dollars, seasonally adjusted at annual rates. All dollar estimates are in current dollars (not adjusted for inflation). Compensation is the total remuneration, both monetary and in kind, payable by employers to employees in return for their work during the period. It consists of wages and salaries and of supplements to wages and salaries. Compensation is presented on an accrual basis--that is, it reflects compensation liabilities incurred by the employer in a given period regardless of when the compensation is actually received by the employee. The estimates of compensation by industry for 1998-2006 are based on the 2002 North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). The estimates for 2007-2010 are based on the 2007 NAICS. The estimates for 2011 forward are based on the 2012 NAICS.

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    City Budget Revenues by Fund by Fiscal Year | Last Updated 2015-10-15T18:22:21.000Z

    Revenue line item data extracted from the yearly certified budget of Iowa cities.

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    State of Iowa Revenue | Last Updated 2016-11-23T02:07:57.000Z

    This dataset provides information on state revenue for fiscal years starting July 1, 2011 through the current fiscal year, year to date, from the state's centralized accounting system. The revenue are summarized by Fiscal Year, Month, Fund, Appropriation, Department, Unit, and Revenue Class. The state fiscal year runs from July 1 to the following June 30 and is numbered for the calendar year in which it ends. The State of Iowa operates on a modified accrual basis which provides that encumbrances on June 30 must be paid within 60 days after year end.

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    Community College Revenue By Fund And Object Code | Last Updated 2016-12-07T21:22:11.000Z

    This dataset provides revenue information for community colleges by fund and object code. Information on the following funds is included in this dataset: Unrestricted General Fund, Restricted General Fund and Plant Fund. Organizational units financed through the unrestricted general fund are those which are directly related with the operation and support of the educational program of the college. The restricted general fund is used to account for resources that are available for the operation and support of the educational program, but which are restricted as to their use. Some examples include: Tort Liability, Unemployment Compensation, direct Federal grants, Chapter 260E Industrial New Jobs Training activities and Iowa Values Fund. The plant fund is used for the acquisition or construction of physical property related to major repair and/or replacement of community college property. It may also be used for interest and principal payments and other debt service charges. More information regarding community college funds and object code descriptions can be found in the Iowa Community College Accounting Manual here:

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    Unemployment Insurance Claims (Statewide - Weekly) | Last Updated 2016-12-08T23:01:31.000Z

    Reports weekly unemployment insurance initial claims and continued weeks claimed. Initial claims data for states are combined and published weekly by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration. This national data is widely reported as an indicator of economic activity. This data is bases on the ETA-539 report.

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    Unemployment Compensation Fund Status - Fund Revenue | Last Updated 2016-02-24T21:29:45.000Z

    This dataset contains annual Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund Revenue data. This data is analyzed in the "Status Report on the Iowa Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund" report.

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    Sales Tax Registration | Last Updated 2016-01-27T14:03:47.000Z

    This dataset is a record of active Iowa businesses that are registered to collect and remit retail sales tax in the State of Iowa.