The population density of Bethel Census Area, AK was 0 in 2013.

Population Density

Population Density is computed by dividing the total population by Land Area Per Square Mile.

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Geographic and Population Datasets Involving Bethel Census Area, AK

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    WAOFM - Census - Population and Housing, 2000 and 2010 | Last Updated 2016-08-09T16:23:33.000Z

    Population and housing information extracted from decennial census Public Law 94-171 redistricting summary files for Washington state for years 2000 and 2010.

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    Bronx Hexagon Population ACS2011 | Last Updated 2019-02-15T18:22:38.000Z

    Population per hexagon, using 5-year American Community Survey data from 2011. Since each hexagon is equivalent in area, this also serves as a population density map. The data was received as population per census tract. Then a ratio was created: Tract Population/Tract Area = Hexagon Population/Hexagon Area. This was rearranged so that: Hexagon population = HexArea(TractPop/TractArea).

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    WAOFM - Census - Population Density by County by Decade, 1900 to 2010 | Last Updated 2016-08-09T16:28:24.000Z

    Washington state population density by county by decade 1900 to 2010.

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    KCMO 2010 Racial Census Data | Last Updated 2015-06-15T17:23:54.000Z

    2010 Decennial Census Racial data organized by census tract. Included in this data are all census tracts that are included in the boundaries of KCMO, even if no KCMO citizens lived in that tract when the data was gathered in 2010. All data was gathered on the U.S. Census Bureau's website: Table ID: P1

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    Bronx 311 Air Quality 3.19.13 (population adjusted) | Last Updated 2019-04-18T20:37:00.000Z

    This is a 311 dataset combined with 2010 Census population data. The rate of air-quality complaints were divided by the population to get what is called a "population index" in get a better idea of the nature of the air-quality complaints. The more people there are in a given area, the more likely there will be more complaints. This is an attempt to correct for the population density in each census tract. The data is updated daily, so this is a snapshot of all of the complaints from 1/1/2010 to 3/19/2013.

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    Census 2006 - Total Population By Census Year | Last Updated 2017-04-19T20:43:47.000Z

    Total population, land area, and population density of neighbourhoods, neighbourhood clusters, wards, community areas, and custom areas including downtown and the entire city beginning with the 1971 census.

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    WAOFM - Legislative Districts - Table 2: Census 2010 Population by Race and Hispanic or Latino Origin, for All Ages and for 18 Years and Over | Last Updated 2014-07-01T18:17:09.000Z

    Census 2010 population by race and Hispanic or Latino origin, for all ages and for 18 years and over for legislative districts based on Washington State Redistricting Commission plan L-JOINTSUB_3-2 as amended by Engrossed House Concurrent Resolution 4409.

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    Bronx Population 2000 - 2010 | Last Updated 2019-02-15T18:21:21.000Z

    American Fact Finder data compiled to illustrate population and population density changes in the Bronx from 2000 to 2010

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    Census Population Density | Last Updated 2016-04-11T11:53:55.000Z

    This table reports population density. This data is sourced from the Census of Population. Geographies available: provinces, counties, communities, municipalities, district health authorities, community health boards, economic regions, police districts, school boards, municipal electoral districts, provincial electoral districts, federal electoral districts, regional development authorities, watersheds

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    Bronx Zip Population and Density | Last Updated 2012-10-21T14:06:17.000Z

    2010 Census Data on population, pop density, age and ethnicity per zip code