The population count of Arapahoe County, CO was 636,671 in 2018. The population count of Jefferson County, CO was 570,427 in 2018.


Population Change

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Demographics and Population Datasets Involving Arapahoe County, CO or Jefferson County, CO

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    Personal Income in Colorado | Last Updated 2022-07-06T11:03:09.000Z

    Income (per capita or total) for each county by year with rank and population. From Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE), since 1969.

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    Retail Reports by County in Colorado | Last Updated 2022-07-06T11:03:06.000Z

    Number of returns, gross sales, retail sales, state net taxable sales, retailers, and state sales tax summarized monthly by county from the Colorado Department of Revenue.

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    Building Permit Counts in Colorado | Last Updated 2022-07-06T11:01:44.000Z

    Number of building permits by type for counties and municipalities in Colorado from 2010 to 2016 from the Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA).

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    Race Estimates in Colorado | Last Updated 2022-07-06T11:01:45.000Z

    Population estimates by race, single age, and gender by counties in Colorado from 2010 to 2016 from the Demography Department of the Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA).

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    Charitable Organizations’ Offices in Colorado | Last Updated 2022-07-06T11:02:38.000Z

    Charitable organizations data consisting of mailing address, phone, fax, website of organization's offices in Colorado. Data collected by the Colorado Department of State's Charities Program.

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    Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Hospitalizations For CO Per 100,000 All States | Last Updated 2019-04-19T02:10:37.000Z

    Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Hospitalizations For CO Per 100,000 All States

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    Social Vulnerability Index for Virginia by Census Tract, 2018 | Last Updated 2021-10-07T19:02:27.000Z

    "ATSDR’s Geospatial Research, Analysis & Services Program (GRASP) created Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Social Vulnerability Index (CDC SVI or simply SVI, hereafter) to help public health officials and emergency response planners identify and map the communities that will most likely need support before, during, and after a hazardous event. SVI indicates the relative vulnerability of every U.S. Census tract. Census tracts are subdivisions of counties for which the Census collects statistical data. SVI ranks the tracts on 15 social factors, including unemployment, minority status, and disability, and further groups them into four related themes. Thus, each tract receives a ranking for each Census variable and for each of the four themes, as well as an overall ranking." For more see

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    Behavioral Health | Last Updated 2017-06-01T14:50:54.000Z

    This data is recorded in the Riverside University Health Systems-BH electronic health record. The report is an aggregated summary of the unduplicated clients served by RUHS-BH in a Fiscal Year. The data set is a de-indentified extraction of the unduplicated clients served in a Fiscal Year and includes the characteristics of the population including: age; Race/Ethnicity, Gender, Geographic Region of County (Desert, Western, Mid-County); Education (18-59yr olds); Martial Status; and Primary Diagnosis.

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    Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Rate Of Death For CO Per 100,000 All States | Last Updated 2019-04-19T00:37:26.000Z

    Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Rate Of Death For CO Per 100,000 All States

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    2010 Census/ACS Basic Block Group Data | Last Updated 2021-11-12T14:15:42.000Z

    basic characteristics of people and housing for individual 2010 census block groups