The median earnings of York County, ME was $31,372 in 2016.

Earnings and Gender

Earnings and Education

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Jobs and Earnings Datasets Involving York County, ME

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    Comptroller - Annual Salaries - 2013 | Last Updated 2017-09-05T20:10:36.000Z

    Annual salaries paid to employees by the Cook County Comptroller as of March 5, 2013. Does not include deduction for furlough or closure days for employees subject to furloughs and closures. Does not include amounts paid by other governmental entities. For 2014 salaries see

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    Workers' Compensation Board Hearing Site Locations | Last Updated 2016-11-21T15:22:08.000Z

    The New York State Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) has locations for hearings throughout the state. This data set provides the address for those hearing sites, as well as the contact phone number and district website, where available. This data set is a current list and is only updated as needed.

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    New York City Work and Family Leave Survey (WFLS) 2014 | Last Updated 2017-04-06T14:29:27.000Z

    The New York City Work and Family Leave Survey (WFLS), conducted in March 2016, was a telephone survey of New York City residents who gave birth in 2014. Its goal was to improve understanding about the availability and accessibility of paid family leave to working parents. The WFLS also sought to describe the role that paid family leave policies play in achieving health equity for parents and children. The WFLS was made possible through funding by the U.S. Department of Labor Women’s Bureau.

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    Hospital Profitability, 2009-2013 | Last Updated 2015-04-22T20:30:20.000Z

    The dataset contains income statement information for all licensed, comparable hospitals in the state of California. Kaiser hospitals, state mental hospitals, psychiatric health facilities, and hospitals with mainly long-term care patients are excluded. Deductions from Revenue, Net Patient Revenue, Net from Operations (Operating Revenue less Operating Expense), and Net Income for public hospitals has been adjusted for Disproportionate Share intergovernmental transfers for funding the Disproportionate Share Hospital Program. The program gets federal matching funds to pay supplemental payments to hospitals with a disproportionate share of uninsured, underinsured, and Medi-Cal patients.

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    Median Household Income All States 2000-2012 | Last Updated 2014-10-31T18:29:13.000Z

    Median Household Income All States 2000-2012

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    Brownfield Redevelopment Credit: Beginning Calendar Year 2005 | Last Updated 2017-03-02T23:08:21.000Z

    The Department of Taxation and Finance annually produces a mandated report of taxpayers claiming Brownfield Credits to help analyze the effects of the program. Chapter 390 of the Laws of 2008 created Section 171-r of the Tax Law that requires the Tax Department to produce a Brownfield Credit Report by January 31st of each year. Additionally, Part BB of Chapter 56 of the Laws of 2015 amends Section 171-r to require the Tax Department to produce a supplemental Brownfield Credit Report by January 31, 2016 containing the credits claimed for the years 2005, 2006, and 2007. The mandates require the Department to include the name of each taxpayer claiming the brownfield redevelopment tax credit, the remediated brownfield credit for real property taxes, or the environmental remediation credit, the amount of credit earned, and information identifying the brownfield project generating the credit. The Tax Department is also authorized to include any other information that it deems useful in analyzing the effects of the program.

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    City Owned Parcels | Last Updated 2017-01-10T19:17:16.000Z

    Parcels owned by the City of Los Angeles. Data provided by the Los Angeles County Assessor's Office. For more information visit PropertyPanel.LA

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    College Access Challenge Grant Program (CACGP) Subgrantees: 2008-2016 | Last Updated 2016-07-11T15:31:45.000Z

    The overall goal of New York's College Access Challenge Grant (CACG) is to increase the number of low-income, minority and underserved students who are prepared to apply for, get accepted to and succeed in college, with a priority on families living below the poverty-level.This data includes the names of the organizations that received CACGP sub-grants during the Award Period, the number of students and families that received (or will receive) services from the sub-grantee, and the grant amount awarded to each organization.

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    Directory of Developmental Disabilities Service Provider Agencies | Last Updated 2017-12-07T03:18:37.000Z

    This data set contains the address and phone number information for voluntary provider agencies of the following Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) supports and services: Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs), Individual Residential Alternative (IRAs), Family Care, Self-Direction Services, Individual Support Services (ISSs), Day Training, Day Treatment, Senior/Geriatric Services, Day Habilitation, Work Shop, Prevocational, Supported Employment Enrollments, Community Habilitation, Family Support Services, Care At Home Waiver Services, and Developmental Centers And Special Population Services. The State sector district offices (DDSOs) have remained in the Developmental Disabilities Service Provider Agencies data because they too are identified by a provider agency code that identifies the voluntary providers.

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    Taxes By Account and Authority | Last Updated 2017-01-17T23:23:27.000Z

    This data set shows the taxes for each account broken down to the level of each tax authority collecting a portion of the taxes billed