The high school graduation rate of Middlesex County, MA was 93.10% in 2018.

Graduation Rates

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Education and Graduation Rates Datasets Involving Middlesex County, MA

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    View full metadata Description This data set derives from several sources. The primary source is a data dump from the VISION assessing data system, which provided data up to date as of January 1, 2012, and is supplemented by information from subsequent building permits and Development Logs. (Use codes provided by this system combine aspects of land use, tax status, and condominium status. In an effort to clarify land use type the data has been cleaned and subdivided to break the original use code into several different fields.) The data set has further been supplemented and updated with development information provided by building permits issued by the Inspectional Services Department and from data found in the Development Log publication. Information from these sources is added to the data set periodically. Land use status is up to date as of the Last Modified date. Differences From “Official” Parcel Layer The Cambridge GIS system maintains a separate layer of land parcels reflecting up to date subdivision and ownership. The parcel data associated with the Land Use Data set differs from the “official” parcel layer in a number of cases. For that reason this separate parcel layer is provided to work with land use data in a GIS environment. See the Assessing Department’s Parcel layer for the most up-to-date land parcel boundaries. About Edit Dates This data is automatically updated on a set schedule. The Socrata edit date may not reflect the actual edit dates in the data. For more details please see the update date on the full metadata page or view the edit date within the data rows.