The population density of Anoka County, MN was 815 in 2017. The population density of Dakota County, MN was 738 in 2017. The population density of Ramsey County, MN was 3,534 in 2017.

Population Density

Population Density is computed by dividing the total population by Land Area Per Square Mile.

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Geographic and Population Datasets Involving Dakota County, MN or Anoka County, MN or Ramsey County, MN

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    Saint Paul Election Turnout - Dataset | Last Updated 2016-04-18T12:34:19.000Z

    This dataset was provided by Minnesota Secretary of State, it contains the most recent state general election turnout and voting results for all of Saint Paul's precincts (2014). For complete voting results for the years 1998-2016, visit the MN Secretary of State's election page (

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    Voter Registration Count By Precinct And District Data | Last Updated 2020-02-07T17:21:15.000Z

    This dataset shows voter registration totals by precinct, ward and district in Ramsey County.

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    Reported Crime by County Data [Archived] | Last Updated 2019-10-18T15:47:13.000Z

    Dataset showing reported crime counts and rates by offense category for Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott, and Washington counties. Crime rates are calculated using Census estimates of each county's resident population.

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    Infectious Disease Summary Data, 2008 to 2018 | Last Updated 2019-12-03T21:35:12.000Z

    Annual summary of mandatory reportable infectious diseases provided by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). The dataset includes counts of reportable infectious diseases confirmed for residents of the designated geographic area (e.g. Ramsey County, Minnesota, or Metro Region). The Metro Region includes the following counties: Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott and Washington Data notes: 1. Beginning in 2010, typhoid fever cases are included in the Salmonellosis category 2. Human Ehrlichiosis E. muris-like was renamed to E. muriseauclairensis in 2018. Reports prior to 2018 use E. muris-like

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    Residential Assessment Sales Ratio Data | Last Updated 2019-10-07T15:08:10.000Z

    The residential assessment sales ratio measures the aggregate assessed value of all residential property as a proportion of aggregate actual sales of all residential property. This measures the accuracy of property valuations in the county.

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    Voter Participation by Precinct November 2016 Data | Last Updated 2019-10-07T16:05:04.000Z

    Elections results with information on voters registered and ballots cast by precinct for the November 2016 general election.

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    Ramsey County Deer Survey - Dataset | Last Updated 2019-10-15T20:42:36.000Z

    The county conducts aerial surveys each winter to measure population levels. Deer population goals are set on an annual basis based on the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources' recommendations for a healthy deer herd. 2002, 2005, 2012, 2015 and 2017 had insufficient snow cover and aerial deer surveys were unable to be completed or incomplete data was gathered.

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    2018 General Election Voting Rate by City Data | Last Updated 2019-10-07T15:36:06.000Z

    This dataset shows the 2018 general election voting rate in each city within Ramsey County.

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    2018 Primary Voting Rate by City Data | Last Updated 2019-10-07T15:53:49.000Z

    This dataset shows the 2018 state primary voting rate in each city within Ramsey County.